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Durham is a hub for research excellence and our academics prove that year in and year out through their ground-breaking research. We are delighted that two of our academics, Dr Clare Mahon and Dr Sownak Bose, have been awarded Future Leaders Fellowships for their projects.

Clare’s biodegradable polymers project

Clare, who’s from our Chemistry Department, has been awarded a £1.7m Future Leaders Fellowship (FLF) for her project – PolyForm: a unified approach to biodegradable polymers for fabric care formulations.

Her research aims to transform both the performance and environmental footprint of cleaning materials of textiles and hard surfaces.

Working in partnership with Procter and Gamble, her team will develop sustainable and high-performance cleaning solutions and biodegradable polymers for inclusion within consumer goods products.

Clare expressed her joy on receiving the grant and said: “I’m delighted to have been awarded an FLF to establish this research programme, which aims to address a key environmental challenge. I am really looking forward to getting started.”

Sownak’s cosmology research

Sownak has received the award for his project Fundamental Cosmology in the Era of Surveys: A Multi-scale Numerical Campaign.

Sownak has completed his PhD with us and his research uses computer simulations of ‘virtual universes’ to study the formation of Galaxies in our Universe.

Sownak’s research will use the COSMA Cluster in Durham, which is one of the most advanced supercomputers in the world, to perform the simulations for his project.

On receiving the award, Sownak said: “There has never been a more exciting time to be a cosmologist. Using sophisticated theoretical models, my research programme will aim to set some of the most stringent constraints yet on the nature of dark matter and dark energy.”

Future Leaders Fellowships are awarded by UK Research and Innovation to support talented people in universities, businesses and other research and innovation environments.

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