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Durham University



MolyChron supports proprietary industry research for the mining industry to establish the absolute timing of sulfide mineralization and associated ore. MolyChron’s principal focus is the rhenium-osmium dating of molybdenite, although it is also capable of other sulfide geochronology, e.g., pyrite, chalcopyrite and arsenopyrite.

Prior to analytical work MolyChron conducts in-house mineral separation using standard isolation methods (Selby and Creaser, 2004; Lawley and Selby, 2012). Rhenium-osmium molybdenite model ages are determined from an aliquot of the mineral separate using carius tube isotope dilution negative thermal ionization mass spectrometry (CT-ID-NTIMS). Standard analytical protocols are used to isolate and purify rhenium and osmium from the acid dissolved molybdenite (e.g., anion column chromatography, CHCl3 solvent extraction and microdistillation, respectively; e.g., Selby and Creaser, 2001). In addition to providing a Re-Os molybdenite age, MolyChron also gives the rhenium and osmium abundance data.

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