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Image: Un soñador para un pueblo = A Dreamer for the People.1994 (trans.). Antonio Buero Vallejo, Un soñador para un pueblo = A Dreamer for the People . Warminster: Aris & Phillips

Author(s) from Durham


Buero Vallejo is Spain's most important living playwright. is profound, innovative theatre has earned him success and respect since 1949. Each new play has been an exciting experiment with dramatic form as well as a powerful expression of a tragic view of human life and Spanish society.
A Dreamer for the People was first performed in 1958. In this history play, the first of a remarkable series, culminating in La detonación (The Shot ­ also published by Aris & Phillips), the dreamer of the title is the often maligned Marquis of Esquilache, the reformist minister of Carlos III. Buero sets off Esquilache's relations with the king, the aristocracy, his wife and his maidservant against a lively re-creation of the build-up to the famous 1766 Capes and Hats Revolt in the streets of Madrid. Public history and private tragedy are brought together in a complex structure, bringing into clear focus the clash between forces of change and immobility that lay at the heart of both the 18th century and the Franco period in Spain.


Bilingual edition with notes and 30-page introduction