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School of Modern Languages & Cultures: Department of Hispanic Studies

Staff in the Department of Hispanic Studies

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Dr Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián, PhD New York University

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43413
Room number: A27, Elvet Riverside I

Contact Dr Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián (email at

Before I joined the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at Durham in 2011, I worked as Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies in the Department of Romance Studies at Duke University. At Durham, I lecture on modern and contemporary Caribbean texts and diasporas; cinema and visual culture; the historical avant-gardes; and the cultures of the insular, colonial and post-colonial Atlantic.

My research interests include visual, gender / queer, and race theories of the Hispanic and Francophone Caribbean, with a particular focus on island studies, post-creolizing processes, and local / global ecologies.

I am particularly interested in evolving and longstanding discourses of Atlantic space, encompassing connections between the Caribbean, the Americas, the Canary Islands, Africa, and continental Europe.

I am currently completing a book manuscript on Surrealism and avant-garde movements in the Caribbean and the Canary Islands. My other ongoing projects include a critical examination of visual, territorial, and economic constructions of insularity in the contempoarary Atlantic; and a book-length study of the visual representation of islands more broadly, with a particular emphasis on photography and film.

I am an associate editor of the journal Cultural Dynamics: Insurgent Scholarship on Culture, Politics and Power, and a member of the Race, Space, Place international collective:

During 2013-14 I convened the Visual and Performance Studies research group in the School of Modern Languages & Cultures.

Research Interests

  • Caribbean Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Surrealism and Avant-Garde Movements
  • Visual Culture and Film

Selected Publications

Books: authored

  • Forthcoming On Tropical Grounds: Avant-Garde Imaginations in the Hispanic Caribbean and the Canary Islands.

Books: sections

  • 2012 'Édouard Glissant: Un Nuevo Mundo de Regiones', in Ribalta, Jorge (ed.), Ideas recibidas: Un vocabulario para la cultura artística contemporánea, Barcelona: MACBA / Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, pp. 265-269
  • 2012 'Polaroids de Karina Beltrán: Al hilo de días nuevos', in (ed.), Karina Beltrán: Escenarios, Constelaciones, Polaroids, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: CAAM / Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, pp. 39-41

Edited works: journals

Essays in edited volumes

  • 2009 'El Atlántico en los manifiestos vanguardistas: Puerto Rico y las Islas Canarias', in Amarilis Carrero Peña, & Carmen Rivera Villegas (eds.), Las vanguardias en Puerto Rico: contextos y pretextos de ruptura, Madrid: Ediciones de La Discreta, pp. 239-266
  • 2008 'On Imperial Archives and the Insular Vanishing Point: The Canary Islands in Viera y Clavijo's Noticias', in Sampedro Vizcaya, Benita & Doubleday, Simon (eds.), Border Interrogations: Questioning Spanish Frontiers, New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books, pp. 165-187
  • 2007 'Spengler atlántico: Región y raza en Pedro García Cabrera y Luis Palés Matos', in Belén Castro Morales (ed.), Actas del Congreso Internacional Pedro García Cabrera, Canary Islands: Universidad de La Laguna, pp. 443-461
  • 2006 'Sarduy, la isla nómada (territorios queer / biopolítica / multitud)', in Xosé María Buxán Bran (ed.), Lecciones de disidencia: Ensayos de crítica homosexual, Madrid: Editorial Egales, pp. 179-198

Journal papers: academic

Translated: Chapter in Edited Book

  • 2001 (trans.). Ferrer, Ada, 'Raza, región y género en la Cuba Rebelde: Quintín Bandera y la cuestión del liderazgo político '. In Espacios, silencios y los sentidos de la libertad: Cuba entre 1878 y 1912. Martínez Heredia, Fernando, Scott, Rebecca J. & García Martínez, Orlando F. (ed.). La Habana: Ediciones Unión. pp. 141-162

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