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School of Modern Languages & Cultures: Department of Hispanic Studies

Staff in the Department of Hispanic Studies

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Dr Andrew Beresford, BA, MA, PhD London

Reader / Director of Education in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43414
Fax: +44 (0) 191 33 43421
Room number: A39, Elvet Riverside I

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Andy Beresford works on Spanish literature and culture to 1700 and has research interests in hagiography and gender, as well as early poetic and narrative theory. 

His work to date has engaged with a variety of texts, from body-and-soul debates to Celestina, but his most recent publications have been focused on the vernacular reception of Latin hagiography in Spain, looking specifically at the dissemination of Jacobus de Voragine's Legenda aurea. This has produced books on Saints Agnes (2007a), Thaïs and Pelagia (2007b), and most recently, Agatha and Lucy (2010). 

He is currently engaged in two extended research projects: the first looking at the reception of the legends of the desert ascetics in Spain, and the second, at the establishment of medieval saintly paradigms and the ways in which they contrast their third and fourth century antecedents. As part of this, he is looking specifically at the relationship between politics and piety, focusing on the question of ideological indoctrination and the battle against heresy. 

An emerging research interest is the intersection between verbal and visual representations of saintly identity, and he would been keen to collaborate with colleagues - nationally or internationally - who are also working in this area.

Book Reviews

Andy regularly reviews for a number of journals and his work has appeared in: Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Bulletin of Spanish Studies, Journal of Theological Studies, La Corónica, Speculum, Medium Aevum, and Modern Language Review.

Postgraduate Supervision

Andy is able to supervise most topics dealing with Spanish literature and culture to 1700, but is particularly interested in projects that intersect with his research interests in hagiography, gender, and poetic or narrative theory. Topics he has supervised or is currently supervising at doctoral level include: Military Martyrs in Medieval Castilian Prose, Anomalous Women in Fifteenth-Century Spanish Poetry, the Saintly Widow in Medieval Castilian Literature, and Representations of Martyrdom.

Research Collaboration

Andy is a founding member of Durham's Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies (IMRS) and contributes to its seminar series, monograph series (DPMRS, Durham Publications in Medieval and Renaissance Texts), and MA programme, which he directs. He is also a member of MLAC's Literature & Theory Group, and has recently collaborated with colleagues from various departments (notably Anthropology) on an interdisciplinary project dealing with narrative. This focuses specifically on the ways in which narrative is formed, written, rewritten, transported across different media, or between different languages and cultures. It also looks at how it intersects with other modes of expression, literary, pictorial, or otherwise, and the theories and methodologies that underpin differing modes of analysis. 

Andy is a member of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland, the international research Group Coordinación de la Edición de la Hagiografía Castellana, and the Senior Editorial Board of Papers of the Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar (Queen Mary, London).

Research Groups

  • Literature/History/Theory

Selected Publications

Books: authored

Books: edited

Essays in edited volumes

  • 2013 'Sanctity and prejudice in Medieval Castilian Hagiography: The Legend of Saint Moses the Ethiopian', in Beresford, Andrew, Haywood, Louise & Weiss, Julian (eds.), Medieval Hispanic Studies in Memory of Alan Deyermond, Tamesis, pp. 11-38
  • 2005 'The Minor Poems of Juan Rodríguez del Padrón: Critical Edition and Analysis', in Alan Deyermond & Carmen Parrilla (eds.), Juan Rodríguez del Padrón: Studies in Honour of Olga Tudorică Impey. 1, Poetry and Doctrinal Prose, Queen Mary, University of London, Department of Hispanic Studies, pp. 17-52
  • 2005 'The Poetry of Medieval Spain', in Gies, David T. (ed.), The Cambridge History of Spanish Literature, Cambridge University Press, pp. 75-94
  • 2000 'Cortol la cabeça e atola del petral, ca la querie dar en donas a Galiana: On the Relationship between Death and Sexuality in Four Epic Legends', in Pattison, David (ed.), Papers of the Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar, University of London, pp. 41-63
  • 2000 'The Vida de Santa María Egipciaca and the Question of Manuscript Unity', in Hook, David (ed.), Text & Manuscript in Medieval Spain: Papers from the King's College Colloquium, King's College, pp. 79-102
  • 1997 ''Ençendida del ardor de la luxuria': Prostitution and Promiscuity in the Legend of Saint Mary of Egypt', in Andrew M. Beresford (ed.), `Quien hubiese tal ventura': Medieval Hispanic Studies in Honour of Alan Deyermond, Department of Hispanic Studies, Queen Mary & Westfield College, pp. 45-56

Journal papers: academic

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Selected Grants

  • 2009: British Academy Overseas Conference Grant
  • 2007: AHRC Research Leave Award
  • 2005: AHRC Research Leave Award