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School of Modern Languages and Cultures: Hispanic Studies

Catalan (Beginners)

Note: This module, which until 2013 has been fully funded by the Institut Ramón Llull, is offered subject to the continued availability of a Catalan lector and appropriate sources of alternative funding. The School of Modern Languages and Cultures cannot guarantee either its on-going availability to incoming students or its continuation in final-year as Advanced Catalan. Please note that final-year students are not permitted to take this module.

Academic year 2018-2019

This module aims to offer to students the opportunity to acquant themselves with Catalan, the most widely spoken non-state language in western Europe. Students who want to take this module do not have to have any prior knowledge of Catalan, although some knowledge of another romance language will be an advantage.

The module goal is twofold. Its first objective is to equip students with a basic grounding in Catalan grammar and an ability to produce and understand spoken and written Catalan in a variety of everyday contexts. In addition, it will introduce students to a number of aspects of Catalan society and culture.

This will all prove invaluable for students who wish to continue with their Catalan studies in the final-year module, Catalan Advanced, which offers more intensive study of language, literature and culture of the Catalan-speaking areas.

The three weekly hours are distributed between communicative language and grammar classes (2 hours per week) and a parallel hour to provide an introduction to Catalan culture.

Students will have the opportunity to achieve an extra qualification by taking the International Catalan Certificate, administered by the Institut Ramon Llull.


The tutor will provide all the appropriate materials throughout the course. Other documents and extra materials will be available regularly in duo.

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Tutor: Ms Neus Colomer Collell [email tbc], Room 210, Elvet Riverside II

Further details of pre-requisites, co-requisites, aims, contact hours and assessment.