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Celestial Novelties on the Eve of the Scientific Revolution 1540-1630

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Edited and with an Introduction by Dario Tessicini and Patrick J Boner

ISBN: 978-8822262547
2013, Olschki, 284+xvi pp

Comets, ‘new stars’ and other unexpected celestial phenomena up to Galileo’s telescopic discoveries have attracted the interest of historians of science, intellectual and cultural historians. These early modern ‘celestial novelties’ constitute the main subject of this volume, whose aim is to shed light on their reception and interpretation in science, natural philosophy, medicine, and their wider impact on European society.

Authors: P. Boner, D. Tessicini, A. Mosley, T.M.C. Lanuza Navarro, V. Navarro Brotons, I. Pantin, E. Casali, J. Henry, N. Jardine, M.A. Granada, F. Barreca, P.J. Boner, É. Mehl, G. Strano.