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UK LINGUA – Multilingual Language Learning and Teaching Colloquium

UK LINGUA – Multilingual Language Learning and Teaching Colloquium

UK Lingua 2017 (22 and 23 of April 2017)


Transition may be an over-used word but transitions of one kind or another are central to our experience of learning and of teaching languages: learners move from acquiring isolated words to constructing phrases and sentences, and learn specific transition words to produce longer and more coherent texts, or create effective transitions in presentations and dialogues.

There are transitions within a lesson; between activities, tasks or stages of a project. Major transitions also occur between primary and secondary education, GCSE and A-level, and then on to university; from a period of residence abroad to the final year of a degree course; from the world of education to the world of work, from teacher training to teaching!

The focus of this year’s UK Lingua conference will be “Transitions in Language Learning and Teaching”, understood in the widest sense of the term, and we invite the submission of papers on this and associated aspects of MFL learning and teaching.

In order to make sure that the prices are kept low, we are taking payments through our course system. Please ignore any references to "courses", "students", etc.

Conference Venue

UK Lingua conference is based at the Chemistry Department, Durham University, Lower Mountjoy, South Road, Durham DH1 3LE.

Please see the link 'Getting to the conference' on the right for more information.

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