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Dr Carles Feixa (University of Lleida): 'Culturas juveniles en España: pijos, makineros, pelaos'

12th November 2009, 17:15 to 19:15, ER 149

Dr Carles Feixa (University of Lleida)'Culturas juveniles en España: pijos, makineros, pelaos'

Location: Elvet Riverside 149
Time/Date: Thursday 12 November 5.15PM
The talk will be in Spanish, but questions can be asked in Spanish or English. A short summary of the talk and BIO in English follow below.

In 1975, when General Franco died, the presence of youth subcultures was something ‘unnatural’ in the Spanish political scenario. The outcome of the Civil War (1936-39), with the victory of the fascists over the legal republican government, led to an attempt to impose the logic of monolithic Youth Fronts inspired by German Hitler-Jugend and Italian Barilla, as adapted by the so-called National Catholicism. Only after 1960, with economic development and the opening of Spain, could the international youth lifestyles gain visibility. The tourist boom and the new media (both commercial and countercultural) introduced new youth movements (mostly hippies and rockers) - albeit with some particularities: they arrived some years after their European counterparts and they settled only in metropolitan areas (like Barcelona or Madrid) and in some enclaves (like Ibiza). The normalization of the Spanish youth scene came about through the process of transition into democracy (1975-1981). All the youth styles that had been created in Europe and America during the post-war period mixed and burst upon the public scene at the same time and were christened by the media with a very popular local term –‘tribus urbanas’: urban tribes. Nevertheless, only after the integration into the European Union (1986) were Spanish ‘urban tribes’ definitively included in the global youth scene. The Conference will present the past and present of Spanish youth subcultures.

Carles Feixa (Lleida 1962) is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Lleida (Catalonia, Spain). He has investigaded youth cultures, conducting fieldwork in Catalonia and Mexico. He has been a visiting researcher at universities in Rome, Mexico, Paris and Berkeley, California. He has been the Director of the Masters program in Youth Studies and is Vice President of ISA Research Comitee 34 ‘Sociology of Youth’. Relevant publications include: De jóvenes, bandas y tribus (1998), Culturas juveniles en España (2004), Jovenes na America Latina (2004), and with Pam Nilan Global Youth? Hybrid identities, plural worlds (Routledge, 2006). He is at present visiting fellow at Newcastle University (School of Modern Languages).

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