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Durham University

School of Modern Languages & Cultures

Events in Modern Languages & Cultures

French Research Seminar Series: French À la Mode: Language and Culture in Migration

30th October 2019, 15:00, ER278, Elvet Riverside 2, Professor Richard Scholar (Durham)

Professor Richard Scholar will explore the migration of French foreign words and phrases into early modern English. He will bring into focus the period of the Restoration (1660—1685) when French was newly à la mode, as people in Britain said, using one of the many French foreign borrowings that travelled into English at this time. What, he will ask, did the deployment of a French foreign borrowing such as à la mode allow speakers of English to say and do? His particular suggestion will be that, as it entered Restoration English, à la mode provoked debate about what it meant to be English. Key to that debate was the complex Anglophone reception of a second migrant French word, galanterie, which denoted a model of elegant cultural and social interaction that France invented and exported across the Channel.