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INAUGURAL LECTURE: Professor Lucille Cairns [Dept of French]: 'The Shoah, Gendered Ipseities, and Exemplary Memory: French Jewish Women's Writing'

20th November 2008, 17:30, ER141, Elvet Riverside I, Durham University

Professor Lucille Cairns will be giving her inaugural lecture entitled 'The Shoah, Gendered Ipseities, and Examplary Memory: French Jewish Women's Writing' on Thursday 20 November 2008.

Although ‘French Studies’, at least in its anglophone avatars, is increasingly embracing the purviews and agendas of ‘Cultural Studies’, including those of gender and ethnicity, Jewish women’s writing in French is an area of cultural production that has received relatively little critical attention. My current research, reflected in this inaugural lecture, aims to remedy that lacuna. Beginning with broad synopsis of a large corpus of post-Second World War writing, then moving into closer analysis of individual authors and texts, the lecture will plot certain salient coordinates within the overall field. Particular attention will be paid to the prominent topoi of the Shoah, gendered ipseities, and what Todorov has called exemplary memory.

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