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Forum: The International in a National: Translation as a Factor of the National Evolution

13th May 2019, 09:00, Senate Room, University College, Durham University

The International in a National Programme

Cultures, the realm of ideas and values, were early understood as hybrids. At the end of the nineteenth century, Adolf Bastian, a nineteenth-century anthropologist, insisted that cultures, like races, are never pure as they are products of not only their own evolution, but also of diverse interactions with other cultures. If so, translation, broadly conceived, i.e. including verbal and extraverbal transfers, must be an important factor in the nation formation/evolution. While traditionally understanding a nation implies understanding its 'essence', i.e. its language and culture, politics and economy, arts, religion etc., studying a nation's translation history offers an insight into the role of international influences on its 'essence'. The research focus, thus, shifts from the studied nation's internal 'self', from its core to the 'circumferential' aspects of its history, to its interactions with its sociocultural environment through various transfers, which may have played smaller or bigger roles and sometimes introduced paradigmatic changes (e.g. adopting Christianity by Kievan Rus' or implementing the Marxist philosophy in twentieth-century Russia). The goal of the conference, is to explore the role translation plays in the national evolution and to examine translation as a methodological tool for studying the measure of the international in a national.

The venue is restricted to 40 participants. The registration for attending the event is free but mandatory. In order to facilitate our catering preparation, please make sure that you attend the event after registration.

Please note that our registration link will close at midnight on 2 May 2019.

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