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Durham University

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German Studies Seminar: Discussion with Poets Manuela Schmidt and Florian Neuner from Tübingen

26th April 2017, 16:00, ER149, Elvet Riverside I, Durham University

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the literary twinning between Tübingen and Durham I would like to invite you to a reading and discussion with the two visiting poets

Manuela Schmidt

Manuela Schmidt (called: Mela) born 08.05.1989 Born, raised and partly educated in Sigmaringen (Abitur and apprenticeship) Further educated in Tübingen (Arthistory and Anthropology) since spring 2014 Member of Dichterkammer since Octobre 2015 Organizer of Dichterkammer since May 2016 Organized/participated readings in HesseKabinett and Club Voltaire Organizes readings in Berlin in November 2016 – with former DK-Member Anna Fedorova, who currently starts DK_Berlin.

Main source of inspiration: Encounters and chats with people from all over the world with extraordinary world views, open hearts and minds; language barriers and dictionaries. If language is an obstacle, one has to work together intensely, which opens new gates to getting to know the world and its inhabitants.

Style: I don't read much poetry. I rather prefer academic literature (Bruno Latour, Michel Foucault...). I like encounters, that make me understand the World a little better. That's why I study art history and anthropology.

I write short texts that play with the meaning of words. Every word has one or more items which it describes, but it also has a sound, similarity to other words and the power to evoke feelings. I like to mix this and create new sounds, meanings and feelings. To me it appears hard to translate my texts, but I’d like to work on English versions in Durham.

Florian Neuner

Born 29/12/87, raised and particulary educated in Stuttgart (Abitur). Further educated in Tübingen (teaching post studies German language and literature, philosophy, latin philology) October 2008- June 2015. Post-graduate studies/PhD in Philosophy on Fichte and Hölderlin since April 2016.

Founding member of the Tübinger Dichterkammer since October 2013. Participation in several readings in Hesse-Kabinett Tübingen and Club Voltaire, Winehouse Beck, the fifth Tübinger Kulturnacht (May 2014) and the University of Tübingen (Conference on Hesses Youth in Tübingen 2013).

Publications in Einigland, 2005/ Dorise-Verlag, In der Sauna in: ]trash[pool 5 (2014). Winner of the Studium-professionale-award for Song-and-dance-man (2014). Participations on several classes at the Studio-Literatur-und-Theater (SLT) with Dagmar Leupold in Tübingen (since Fall 2012).

Main source of inspiration: The shattered individual and intellectual; own demons of the subconscious. Is there something divine in everyday life? Is there a source of human cognition and feelings? I want to create and recycle human experience. Literature is a created furyhouse of human experience: a creation of space and a space of creation. I think literature helps people to evolve. I hope literature brings people together and crashes borders in mind and reality.

I am influenced by Hoelderlin and Peter Nadas among many others. I think there is a special link between the two of them regarding their view on the relationship of the body to the human spirit. I like the idea of infinity in the process and in the results of writing. I love the style and poetic force even in the slightest sub-clauses of Günter Grass. I love Thomas Mann and Orhan Pamuk. I cannot describe my own style of writing. Strong. Pictures. Thinking. Thinking-pictures, picture-thinking if something like that exists.

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