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Durham University

School of Modern Languages & Cultures

Events in Modern Languages & Cultures

Professor Paul Chilton: Metaphors, models, and political discourse

3rd March 2008, 17:15, Cosin's Hall, Durham University
Professor Paul Chilton [Lancaster University] in dialogue with Professor David Cowling, Dept of French, Durham University as part of the interdisciplinary dialogue series Metaphors as Models.

Political discourse today is global. Discourses from diverse political cultures exist in multiple languages and in translation. Metaphors, qua models of political realities, are part of these discourses. But how do they vary within political cultures? What happens to them in translation? In order to begin to answer such questions, it is necessary to review some aspects of the conceptual theory of metaphor. This presentation will therefore focus on parameters of variability in source–target mappings, with particular reference to spatial image schemas, cultural image schemas, and perspectivisation of image schemas. I will then consider these issues in two ways. First, I shall raise questions about metaphors in the lexical structure of languages and their relationship to metaphorical expressions in discourse(s). Secondly, I will raise questions concerning translation between languages and how translation phenomena may shed light on conceptual metaphor theory itself.

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