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Dr Fusako Innami – Re-sensing Kawabata in the 21st century - with a focus on House of the Sleeping Beauties and One Arm [SOAS London]

2nd March 2016, 17:05, Brunei Gallery, Room B102, SOAS, London

Chaired by Dr Griseldis Kirsch (SOAS, University of London)

This paper examines how Kawabata Yasunari’s literary works problematise the body, perception and the senses in interpersonal (or inter-object), inter-periodic and cross-cultural contexts mainly through some of the recent re-workings of House of the Sleeping Beauties and One Arm in film and performing arts. One Arm also appeared in the Japanese literary journal Gunzō (2014) as a case of hen’ai shōsetsu (weird/love novel). Bearing in mind that Shinkankakuha (New Sensationists/New Sensationalist school) occurred in the 1920s in relation to the avant-garde movement and that Kawabata pursued immediacy with sense perceptions in reference to ‘Dadaistic idea generation’, thinking about the senses is already a cross-boundary experience that makes the sensing subject go beyond the border. This paper ponders how sense experiences can be read in relation to literary and cultural representations, how psycho-physical representations can be transferred or re-read in cross-cultural/cross-periodic contexts and how, in a larger scope, rethinking the body and the senses in such contexts matters to us in the contemporary age.

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