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Chinese Studies Forum: New Explorations into Methods and Sources for Chinese Studies: the Complete Library of Four Treasuries and Beyond [Professor Victoria Hui;Dr Sare Aricanli;Mr David Helliwell]

21st September 2015, 10:30, Bill Bryson Library, Durham University

Durham University Library, the Centre for Intercultural Mediation and the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies are holding a one day conference to mark the donation of a copy of the Complete Library of Four Treasuries to Durham University Library by Chin-Kung Multicultural Education Society. Consisting of 1,500 volumes and 3,500 works, the Complete Library of Four Treasuries is a monumental landmark of Chinese culture often compared to the Great Wall of China in its significance. 

Conference Programme (会议议程)

10:30-11:00: Arrival, Registration, Tea and Coffee 到场,登记 

11:00-11:10: Welcoming Remarks 致欢迎辞

11: 10-11:11:20: Opening Speech (Mr Jon Purcell) 致开幕辞(杜伦大学图书馆馆长 Jon Purcell 先生)

11:20-12:20: Professor Victoria Hui: Ancient Chinese Warfare and State Formation (Chair: Dr Gordon Cheung) 许田波教授(美国圣母大学):中国古代战术和中国政体的演变

12:20-13:00: Tour of the Complete Library of Four Treasuries and Chinese sources in the Bill Bryson Library or a Guided Tour of the Oriental Museum (led by Mamtimyn Sunuodula, Craig and Rachel Barclay) 参观四库全书及杜伦大学图书馆中国文化研究书籍

13:00-14:00: Lunch (Elvet Room) 午餐

14:00-15:00: Dr Sare Aricanli: Plurality in Qing imperial medicine: examining institutional formations beyond the Imperial Medical Bureau: (Chair: Dr Binghan Zheng) 杜伦大学历史系中国史专家:清代宫廷医学的多元性研究

15:00-15:45: Mr David Helliwell: Chinese Rare Books in UK Academic Libraries and Production of Knowledge about China (Chair: Mamtimyn Sunuodula) 牛津大学图书馆中文资源首席咨询专家,中文部主任:中文古籍在英国的收藏及其在中英相互了解中的作用

15:45-16:00: Closing Remarks (Mr Don Starr) 致闭幕辞(司马麟先生,英国汉学研究会荣誉主席,汉语言文学专家)

16:00-16:30: Tea and Coffee 茶歇

Contact for more information about this event.