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Durham University

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Justice and the Arts Research Group Workshop: Terrorism and Affect

5th June 2015, 09:30, Pennington Room, Grey College, Durham University

Terrorism and Affect 

‘Terrorism’ has been defined and interpreted in a variety of different contexts: while Naomi Klein for instance discusses its repercussions in politics and provides an explanation of its roots by tying it to the logic of capitalism (The Klein’s Shock doctrine), W.T.J Mitchell’s connects the use of images in the ‘War against Terror’ to phenomena of cloning (Cloning Terror). Rather than focusing on the actual or potential spectrum of reactions to terror, its various representations (as text or image) or its historical causes, this workshop seeks to shift the focus towards the frame of expectation which determines affective responses to acts of terror. These responses may be immediate and visceral, but they are also processed cognitively within a certain mental framework which is intrinsically connected to an often complex notion of justice. This workshop is interested in the cultural, social and political discourses that shape and sustain the socially accepted ways in which we negotiate our responses to terrorism. It will pay particular attention to the part the arts play in these cognitive negotiations. 


Dr Martin Coward: Senior Lecturer in International Politics, Newcastle University.

Dr Catherine Moir: Lecturer in German, Durham University.

Dr Samuel Thomas, Lecturer in English Studies, Durham University. 

If you would like to attend the workshop, please email the organiser, Dr Rebecca Ferreboeuf:

Contact for more information about this event.