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Durham University

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LESLIE BROOKS LECTURE: Professor Ariella Azoulay [Bar Ilan University, Israel] 'Photography and Colonialism in Israel/Palestine'

9th June 2011, 17:30, ER141, Elvet Riverside I, Durham University

The lecture will be given this year by Prof. Ariella Azoulay, currently Leverhulme Visiting Professor in Durham under the auspices of Durham Centre for Advanced Photography Studies and the Department of Geography. A world-leading photography theorist and critic, she is the author most recently of The Civil Contract of Photography (MIT, 2008). A drinks reception will follow the conclusion of the lecture.

Potential history should be understood here in the dual sense of unrealized possibilities that still motivated and directed the actions of various actors in the past, and of possibilities that may become our own and be reactivated to guide our actions. Potential history is first of all history not shaped by the dominant perspective of sovereign nationalism. Potential history insists on restoring within the order of things a polyphony of civil relations and forms of being-together that existed at any moment in history without being exhausted by sovereign order. The question of potential history will be explored in relation to the two photographic archives that I assembled - Act of State 1967-2007 and From Palestine to Israel 1947-1950.

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