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Mr Matteo Quintiliani

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The subject of my research will be the Bernardo Ilicino's Canzoniere for Ginevra Luti: the critical edition and the philological and historically documented commentary; relationship with the Amorum Libri of Matteo Maria Boiardo and other lyric poets from Ferrara, in particular Ludovico Sandeo, Filippo Nuvoloni and Ludovico Carbone.

Bernardo Ilicino, doctor by profession, diplomatic, poet, narrator, commentator, is an all-purpose personality. He came into contact with several cultures, between Siena (where he followed in his father's footsteps, becoming lecturer of medicine in the Studio and similarly taking an interest in philology, philosophy and literature; his lyrical works must have developed the poetry in Siena, gaining also a good reputation, and in Rome (where he had diplomatic tasks), between Mantova and Ferrara (in the academic year 1468-69 Bernardo Ilicino was called by Duke Borso d'Este to teach medicine).

Parallel to the poetic activity and in close relationship with it, is the activity of Ilicino as a commentator of Petrarch . The commentary of "Trionfi" was composed between 1468 and 1469, but it was first published in Bologna in 1475 and dedicated to Duke Borso d'Este. The commentary had great success and before the end of the century it was published in several editions.

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