Durham University

School of Modern Languages and Cultures: Italian Studies


Year 1

ITAL1102 Italian Language 1B
ITAL1071 Italian Language 1A
ITAL1081 Italy and the Arts
ITAL1091 Introduction to Italian Literary Culture and Theory

    Year 2

    ITAL2031 Italian Language 2B
    ITAL2041 The World of Dante
    ITAL2061 Narratives of Fascist and Post-War Italy
    ITAL2071 Anatomy of Italian Culture [Not running 2019-20]
    ITAL2131 Language, Literature and Culture of the Italian Renaissance
    ITAL2111 Italian Language 2A

      Year 4

      ITAL3021 Italian Language 4
      ITAL3061 Italian Cinema
      ITAL3151 From the Middle Ages to Modernity: the World of Petrarch [Not running 2019-20]
      ITAL3161 Science and Culture in Renaissance and Early Modern Italy [Term 1 only]
      ITAL3171 Writing the Modern Self
      ITAL3181 Italian Travellers' Tales [Not running 2019-20]
      MELA3161 Dissertation in Modern Languages and Cultures
      MELA3152 Extended Dissertation in Modern Languages and Cultures