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School of Modern Languages and Cultures: Italian Studies

Week Seven: Sardinia

Week Seven: Sardinia

We enjoy a Kri Kri dance comedy and then set sail for Sardinia via Italy's land of sailors, Liguria, where we enjoy a beautiful coloured travel film of Rapallo. Our feature film this week is La Grazia, one of the best films produced in Italy in the late twenties.  Accompanied by a wonderful orchestral score, this beautiful restoration is also being shown at the World Silent Cinema Festival in Pordenone this year.

A handsome stranger (Giorgio Bianchi) comes to a mountain village in Sardinia to inspect lands he has inherited, and promises to marry a beautiful shepherdess (Carmen Boni), who he has fallen in love with. The shepherdess gives birth to a child and is forced to tell the male members of her family, who set out to exact their revenge. Will the harsh laws of vengeance triumph or will the family be reunited around the baby? The screenplay was adapted from a novel by Grazia Deledda, a Sardinian author and winner of the Nobel prize for literature. Directed by Aldo De Benedetti when the Italian film industry had withered away, this film had modern production values and shows that the Italians had finally absorbed the lessons of the German and American film industries, setting the stage for a revival of cinema under Fascism.

This film programme will be shown from 7:30pm until 9:30pm on the 22nd November 2011 at Durham Clayport Library, Millenium Place, Durham.