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2016 'Syntax is the Metal Itself: The Usure of Metaphors', in Foran, Lisa & Uljée, Rozemund (eds.), Heidegger, Levinas, Derrida: The Question of Difference, Springer, pp. 163-172

Author(s) from Durham


The following pages can be read as a preliminary study on Derrida's thought of the usure. The point of departure is the reading of Levinas' treatment of the spacial metaphor (such as the "Most-High" and "absolute exteriority") that Derrida mobilizes in "Violence and Metaphysics. An Essay on the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas"(1964). What is at stake in the reading, I suggest, is not only the interpretation of Levinas' metaphysics but also the formulation of another thought of the metaphor (of the metaphoricity of the metaphor) as the originary spacialization and inscription of language (and, as we shall see, of life in general). In tracing the metaphor of the usure across Derrida's early writings, I aim to shed light on a path of thought that goes from the reading of Levinas' spatial metaphors to that of Freud's scene of writing.