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School of Modern Languages and Cultures: French Studies

Staff in the Department of French

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Emeritus Professor Richard Maber - all publications

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  • 2016 '‘Les érudits français et l’Allemagne au XVIIe siècle’', in Maber, Richard (ed.), La France et l’Europe du nord au XVIIe siècle, Gunter Narr.
  • 2012 '‘No Miracles Please, We’re English’ [on 16-17c accounts of Thomas More’s death]', in Hammond, Nicholas & Moriarty, Michael (eds.), Evocations of Eloquence: rhetoric, literature and religion in early modern France. Essays in honour of Peter Bayley, Peter Lang, pp. 147-160
  • 2011 'The Sun King and his subjects: reciprocity in a commonplace of power', in Banks, Kathryn & Bossier, Philiep (eds.), Authority & Persuasion: The Role of Commonplaces in Western Europe (c1450-c1800), II: Consolidation of Godgiven Power, Peeters Publishers, pp. XX + 211
  • 2010 'Texts, Travel and Flying Machines: The Lost World of 17th-Century Scholarship', in Scott, Paul (ed.), Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity in the Republic of Letters: Essays in Honour of Richard G. Maber, Manchester University Press, pp. 227-248
  • 2008 (co-authored with Tregoning, Angela.) 'Conveying the Unimaginable: Odoric of Pordenone's Travels and their Vernacular Translations', in Kosta-Théfaine, J.-F. (ed.), Travels and Travelogues in the Middle Ages, AMS Press.
  • 2008 'The Fruits of Exile: Anglican Scholars and their French Books', in Carr, Thomas & Ganim, Russell (eds.), NASSCFL Acta, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2007, Gunter Narr Verlag.
  • 2007 ''Il faut écrire à la moderne.': practical criticism and literary controversy after the death of Malherbe', in Brooks, William. & Zaiser, Rainer. (eds.), Theatre, Fiction, and Poetry in the French Long Seventeenth Century / Le Théâtre, le roman, et la poésie à l'âge classique, Peter Lang, pp. 199-214
  • 2007 'John Cosin's French Library', in Gameson, Richard. (ed.), Treasures of Durham University Library, Third Millennium Publishing, pp. 108-109
  • 2007 'Kilvert's Diary', in Gameson, Richard (ed.), Treasures of Durham University Library, Third Millennium Publishing, pp. 132-133
  • Forthcoming '‘« Les hommes inspirés ont droit d’aller par tout » esthétique de la « poésie morale » chez Pierre Le Moyne’', in Génetiot, Alain (ed.), Morales du poème à l’âge classique, Classiques Garnier.
  • Forthcoming '‘« Sans estre bien malheureux, on ne peut estre qu’un Héros [ou une Héroïne] fort médiocre » les femmes fortes du Père Le Moyne et l’idéal de l’héroïsme dans la souffrance’', in Schrenk, Gilbert, Spica, Anne-Élisabeth & Thouvenin, Pascale (eds.), Héroïsme féminin, héroïnes et femmes illustres, XVIe et XVIIe siècles Une représentation sans fiction, Classiques Garnier.
  • Forthcoming '‘Gilles Ménage et les origines de l’affaire Pierre de Montmaur’', in Barbafieri, Carine & Civardi, Jean-Marc (eds.), L’affaire Pierre de Montmaur.
  • Forthcoming '‘Guiding Light: the early modern lighthouse as image and emblem’', in Strang, Veronica & Edensor, Tim (eds.), From the Lighthouse: an experiment in interdisciplinarity, Taylor & Francis.
  • Forthcoming '‘La correspondance d’Antoine Galland dans le contexte des réseaux d’information internationaux’', in Bauden, Frédéric & Waller, Richard (eds.), Antoine Galland, 1646-1715, Mémoires de l’Association pour la Promotion de l’Histoire et de l’Archéologie Orientales, Peeters.
  • Forthcoming '‘Sustainability and reciprocity in nature and the state: early modern French perspectives’', in Mukherjee, Ayesha (ed.), Environment, Identity and History, Routledge.

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