Durham University

School of Modern Languages and Cultures: French Studies

French Interpreting

Academic Year 2019-20

This module is an introduction to the skills used in conference interpreting. It covers simultaneous, consecutive, on-sight and liaison interpreting as well as conference note-taking.

There is a strong emphasis on practical work, carried out in the language lab and mainly at the computer (using a microphone, headphones and recording equipment) but students also work together in pairs or in small groups. Most of the interpreting material relates to debates in relevant international organisations. Students interpret from French into English (in line with good practice in the profession) though, for liaison interpreting, some English to French work is undertaken.

Module coordinator:

Dr Simon McKinnon (s.g.mckinnon@durham.ac.uk), ER234, Elvet Riverside II

Further details of pre-requisites, co-requisites, aims, contact hours and assessment