Durham University

School of Modern Languages and Cultures: French Studies

French Language 2

Academic Year 2019-20

This second-year core language module (pre-requisite: French Language 1 or equivalent) consists of two weekly hours: one hour of oral expression and one of written expression. The aim of the written class is to develop your ability to write effectively in French for a variety of purposes (essays, articles, reviews) and to translate fluently and accurately from and into French, whilst also consolidating your grammar knowledge and vocabulary acquisition. This class is taught in English and French. Work in the oral class is entirely in French, and is based on the broad theme of 'aspects of contemporary France/francophone countries', and covers a wide range of topics relevant to student life and the Year Abroad. It aims to help you to develop your spoken French as you take part in informal conversations and discussions and give presentations. You will also prepare documents which may be required for your year abroad.

By the end of the module you should have consolidated the skills and knowledge acquired in the first-year core-language module – in speaking and writing, in listening to and reading contemporary French, in translating from and into French. You should also have acquired a greater knowledge and understanding of French culture and an increased awareness of cultural issues in preparation for the year abroad.

  • The module booklet for French Language 2 is fully electronic, available on DUO (no paper copy).

Bibliography for this module:

Although this is a French grammar book in French, you will find it particularly clear and well organised. Quite a refreshing way into French grammar. We will refer to this book throughout the year, and you are likely to use it in your final year too.

  • The books purchased last year will still be useful as reference books.

Roger Hawkins and Richard Towell, French Grammar and Usage, third edition (Arnold, 2010)

Roger Hawkins, Marie-Noëlle Lamy and Richard Towell, Practising French Grammar: A Workbook, (Arnold, 2010)

  • A monolingual French dictionary:

Recent edition of EITHER Collins-Robert French Dictionary OR Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary

Please note that Durham Library has a licence for the electronic version of the monolingual French dictionary ‘Le Petit Robert de la langue française’: Le Petit Robert de la langue française (PR) [electronic resource], http://library.dur.ac.uk/record=b2758245~S1


Mme Vasanti Piette (vasanti.piette@durham.ac.uk), Office A48, Elvet Riverside I.

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