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Durham University

School of Modern Languages and Cultures: French Studies

Modules in French

Year 1:

FREN1011 French Language 1
FREN1031 Reading French Literature
FREN1041 Society and its Outsiders in Modern France
FREN1061 The Invention of France

    Year 2:

    FREN2011 Modernity and Disenchantment: 19th and 20th-century French Literature and Culture
    FREN2031 Sex, Gender and Identity in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
    FREN2051 French Language 2
    FREN2061 The Francophone Imaginary: Legacies of Colonialism in Literature and Culture
    FREN2091 Revolutionary Works in French Politics

    Year 4

    FREN3041 French Language 4
    FREN3051 French Translation
    FREN3221 Autobiography/Fiction: Contemporary French Writing and Film
    FREN3271 French Cinema: 1930s to the 1990s [Not running 2019-20]
    FREN3331 French Interpreting
    FREN3361 Rebellion, Feud and Crusade in Medieval Texts
    FREN3371 Libertinage in Ancien Regime France [Not running 2019-20]
    FREN3401 Anthropocene Animals: Technology, 'nature' and The End of The World [Term 1 only]
    FREN3411 Ethics and Violence in Medieval and Early Modern French Culture [Not running 2019-20]
    FREN3421 Fin-de-siècle bodies: Decadence and Naturalism
    FREN3441 Androgynes, Witches, and Monsters in the French Renaissance [Not running 2019-20]
    FREN3451 Genocide, Violence and Trauma in French and Francophone Culture [Not running 2019-20]
    FREN3461 The F-Word: Feminism and Intersectionality in Contemporary Francophone Writing
    FREN3471 Migrations in Cultures of the French-Speaking World
    MELA3161 Dissertation in Modern Languages and Cultures
    MELA3152 Extended Dissertation in Modern Languages and Cultures