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Durham University

Chinese Studies

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Ms Hao Zhou

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Research Topic

My PhD project investigates the cognitive effort allocation associated with sight translation, aiming at transferring the findings to practice and education. This research contributes to the empirical study into sight translation by investigating what is the structure of a hierarchy of difficulty on the lexical level during Chinese-English sight translation, whether there is a connection between the Hierarchy of Difficulty developed in the field of SLA and the one observed in translators’ sight translation performance, how cognitive effort is allocated when translators encounter different problems on the Hierarchy of Difficulty during sight translating, such as split, new, absent, coalesces, and correspondence, as well as how are the findings related to translators’ proficiency. It bases its analyses on triangulated eye-tracking, audio recording, and retrospective verbalization data collected from translation experiments, and adopts quantitative and qualitative analyses to gain insights into the cognitive process of sight translation.

Research Interests

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Sight Translation
  • Translation Process Research

Selected Publications

Conference Paper

  • 2015 'Eye-voice Span in Sight Translating Metaphorical Expressions: An Eye-tracking Based Empirical Study, Postgraduate Colloquium: Theoretical Frameworks and Methodologies: Research in Translation Studies'.
  • 2015 'Negative Transfer form Native Language during Interpreting& Translating, Monterey Forum: Educating Translators, Interpreters and Localizers in an Evolving World'.
  • 2013 (co-authored with Mello, Rafael) 'Epistemology for the Whole World: Cross-cultural Foundations for a Universal Concept of Knowledge, Epistemology for the Rest of the World: An International Conference on Epistemology, Linguistic Diversity & Cultural Diversity'.

Translated Book

  • 2012 (trans.). Krakauer, John, Where Men Win Glory . Chongqing University Press

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