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Centre for Foreign Language Study

British Sign Language Modules

British Sign Language (BSL) is the natural language of the British Deaf community and is used by many thousands of people all over the UK. BSL is a visual-gestural language with its own vocabulary and grammatical structures. It is not based upon English.

Learning BSL will allow students to communicate with Deaf people in their workplaces or other everyday situations. A qualification in BSL can be useful for anyone who comes into contact with the public through the course of their work or life. It can also lead to a career in BSL/English interpreting or be an essential additional language ability for those aspiring to become teachers or social workers with the Deaf community.

- BSL is available to all students, staff and members of the public on our Languages for All programme

- BSL is available to undergraduate students as a credit-bearing module


British Sign Language modules


Module title & code


Stage 1 (MLAN1331)

Successful completion of Stage 1

Stage 2 (MLAN1341)

Successful completion of Stage 2

Stage 3 (MLAN1351)

Registration: Year 2013/2014
Registration will take place on the first week of October 2013, mainly on Wednesday 2nd October from 09.00 to 17.00 in rooms ER223 and ER224 in the Elvet Riverside building, and will continue until the end of the week.
Please complete the registration form attached herewith, check the timetable for your module with your BSL module convener who will sign your registration form. To be valid, your registration form will have to be signed by the module convener.