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School of Modern Languages & Cultures: Department of Arabic

The Phonetics and Phonology Pages


 University of Lausanne Internet Phonetics Course(French/English)

French phonetics course

Spectrogram Reading Tutorial

Studying Phonetics on the Net

The basics of acoustic phonetics

Get to know more about theacoustics of sound segments on this site, which offers demos and extremely detailed information on the acoustic properties of various classes of consonants (and, yes, more spectrograms!)

Get to know more about Air and Phonation

Tutorial on the basics of voicing

John Maidment's Speech Internet Dictionary

The University of Toronto's Interactive Sagittal Section: have fun playing around with articulators!

Acoustic Phonetics Bibliography


Those interested in getting involved in some hard-core phonetics research might want to explore some of the equipment and software that phoneticians use. Do try them out in the comfort of your own home!

Carsten's Articulograph

Elan: multi-media annotator (Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen, the Netherlands)

Kaye: for everything, ranging from nasometers and palatometers, acoustic analysis tools, etc.

Mathworks: the home of MATLAB

PRAAT: currently one of the best speech analysis programs (and it's free!).

J-PLOT: formant-plotting software