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Thom Brooks at a panel discussion

Durham Law School is a top law school of international excellence. We're consistently ranked one of the best in the UK - including 3rd in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework - and a top 40 QS World Ranking law school. Our innovative, distinctive and impactful research is nationally and internationally recognised as making a distinctive contribution within and beyond the discipline of law.

We are at the forefront of doctrinal, theoretical and interdisciplinary debates where our contributions have made a significant impact. Examples include our work on reforming the legal regulation of expression, especially media freedom and the availability of extreme pornography; debates on the meaning and contemporary shape of federalism, citizenship and immigration policies in the UK, EU and beyond; investigations into law's capacity to respond to technological change, especially in the fields of bio-technologies and multi-faceted security challenges, including oversight of intelligence agencies; and to debates around Brexit. Durham Law School's research is relevant, ground-breaking and influential.

Our vibrant community comprises a diverse and international group of academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as visiting scholars. Durham is an inclusive environment supporting established scholars alongside nurturing new generations of thought leaders, including our students. We proudly integrate our students into our research activities as much as possible. Durham Law School is a proud member of the International Association of Law Schools and the American Society of Comparative Law with all staff members of the UK's leading legal academic society, the Society of Legal Scholars.

Recent publications

Books Authored

  • Bohlander, Michael (2019). مبانی آئین دادرسی کیفری آلمان (Mabanie Aeein Dadresie Keyfari Alman). Majd Publishing, Iran.
  • Granat, Katarzyna (2018). The Principle of Subsidiarity and its Enforcement in the EU Legal Order: The Role of National Parliaments in the Early Warning System. London: Hart Publishing.
  • Siems, Mathias (2018). Comparative Law, 2nd edn. Cambridge University Press.
  • Linarelli, John, Salomon, Margot E. & Sornarajah, Muthucumaraswamy (2018). The Misery of International Law: Confrontations with Injustice in the Global Economy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Books Sections

  • Murray, CRG, O'Donoghue, Aoife & Warwick, BTC (2018). The Implications of the Good Friday Agreement for UK Human Rights Reform. In The Irish Yearbook of International Law, Volume 11-12, 2016 & 2017. De Londras, Fiona & Mullally, Siobhán Oxford: Hart Publishing.
  • Granat, Katarzyna (2018). Subsidiarity as a Principle of EU Governance. In Globalisation and Governance: International Problems, European Solutions. Schuetze, Robert Cambridge Cambridge University Press. 273-304.
  • Leigh, Ian (2018). The Legal Recognition of Freedom of Conscience as Conscientious Objection: Familiar Problems and New Lessons. In Research Handbook on Law and Religion. Ahdar, Rex J. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. 378-396.
  • Leigh, I. & Wegge, N. (2018). Intelligence Oversight in the Twenty-First Century: Accountability in a Changing World. In Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

Journal Papers

  • Craig, Robert (2019). The end of innocence: Open justice, free speech and privacy in the modern constitution. Khuja (formerly PNM) v Times Newspapers Limited. Modern Law Review 82(1): 129-145.
  • Busher, Joel, Choudhury, Tufyal & Thomas, Paul (2019). The enactment of the counter-terrorism “Prevent duty” in British schools and colleges: beyond reluctant accommodation or straightforward policy acceptance. Critical Studies on Terrorism
  • Hayward, A (2019). Taking the Time to Discriminate - R (on the application of Steinfeld and Keidan) v Secretary of State for International Development. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 41(1): 92-95.
  • Van Leeuwen, Barend (2018). Euthanasia and the Ethics of Free Movement Law: The Principle of Recognition in the Internal Market. German Law Journal 19(6): 1417-1436.

Current grants

  • 2017-2020 Revenge Pornography - The implications for law reform (£15059.74 from Australian Research Council) investigated by Clare McGlynn