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Durham Law School


Durham CELLS seminar: ‘Everyday cyborgs'

23rd October 2017, 16:00 to 18:00, Boardroom, Palatine Centre, Professor Muireann Quigley and Dr Semande Ayihongbe, Newcastle Law School

Muireann Quigley and Semande Ayihongbe will be giving a Durham CELLS seminar on Monday 23 October 2017.

Seminar Abstract:

Everyday cyborgs are all around us. They are persons with replacements and augmentations ranging from the simple to the extraordinarily complex; for example, artificial joint replacements, implanted devices such as pacemakers and the total artificial heart, and limb prostheses. The linking of the organic, biological person with synthetic, inorganic parts and devices raises questions which the law is ill-equipped to deal with. For instance, should internal medical devices which keep the person alive be viewed as part of the person or mere objects (or something else), is damage to neuro-prostheses (nervous system integrated) personal injury or damage to property, and is deactivation of the total artificial heart withdrawal of treatment or active euthanasia? These questions are part of what is being investigated in Muireann's current Wellcome Trust funded project: 'The Everyday Cyborg Mapping Legal, Ethical, and Conceptual Challenges' which will be explored in this seminar. Together with Dr Gill Haddow (University of Edinburgh) Muireann tweets about the cyborgisation of humans and humanisation of cyborgs at @EverydayCyborgs.