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John Snow College

Student Development Fund

Durham University John Snow College Student Development Fund

What is the John Snow Student Development Fund?

It is a pot of money, jointly funded by the Junior Common Room, Senior Common Room and alumni community of John Snow College. The aim of the fund is to give financial assistance to help members of the JCR or MCR with their own personal development.

Who can apply?

In order to be eligible for the fund you must be a levy paying member of John Snow Junior Common Room or Middle Common Room, this means that you have not chosen to ‘opt-out’ of being a JCR member.

It is available to all first and second year students and also all final year students who intend to undertake a project or be involved in an appropriate activity before the start of the Easter Term. Final year students will not be awarded SDF for any activity which takes places after their Graduation.

Each applicant must produce a short report, (approx. 500 words) which can include photographs, detailing how they used their funds and how it contributed to their own personal development. Some of this information may be used in College or University promotional material.

What can I apply for?

Students are encouraged to apply for funds to support any activity that will contribute to their personal development. Strong personal skills assists employability and the work/project/activity undertaken could also link into the College Award and Durham Award. See the College website for details of these two awards at:

Examples of ways in which to use the funds include: charitable expeditions; attendance at conferences/paying publication fees; performing at University or county/country-level sport, performing at music or art events.

Previous successful applications include:

  • purchase of Malaria tablets in order to volunteer at a Hospital in Peru;
  • fees for a Spanish course to provide support to Spanish-speaking students;
  • payment of exam fees allowing the applicant to teach horse riding within the UK and abroa

What am I not allowed to apply for?

Student Development Funding cannot be used:

  • To help pay University tuition fees or meet normal costs of living. For students that require such financial assistance, please contact our Assistant Principal at:
  • For expeditions that do not have a volunteering or charitable element;
  • For recreational purposes e.g. to attend sporting events or art/music performances;
  • For travel expenses relating to job interviews, placements, internships or paid employment;
  • To directly purchase equipment or supplies for a charitable organisation or to give as a direct donation to such an organisation.

Is there a limit to the amount I can apply for and how is the money paid?

Each applicant is limited to a maximum application amount of £300. Each student is allowed to apply once per term but will not be awarded more than £300 in any academic year.

There needs to be a clear audit trail so wherever possible the University will pay the amount direct to the supplier. In those instances where the student has to make the purchase, official receipts will be required and the SDF paid directly into the student’s bank account.

Application Form

Each Term a submission deadline date is set. Applications are then considered by a College Panel and the applicants notified of the outcome by email.

Please email the following address to request an application form and to find out the submission date:

Revised March 2017