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Welcome to John Snow College

College News

Durham Award 2017-18

Congratulations to the John Snow College students who successfuly completed the Durham Award and were presented with their certificates on Monday 5th June: Scott Malloy, Yuet Leung, Ben Rowland, Sarah Marshall, Abigail Stewart, Kanyinsola Goodluck, Mobeen Kashif, Jocelyn Davies, Vaibhav Chandrasekhar, Jordan Matthews, Yue Wang and Kimberley Hagues.

Postgraduate Lunch

On Friday 24th November we welcomed Postgraduate students from both John Snow College and Stephenson College to a joint scholars lunch. Our aim was for the Postgraduates to get to know each
other but also the College and Academic staff, who were also invited to the event. The lunch was a great success, even welcoming one of John Snow’s SCR members who was keen to catch up on College news! There was a real buzz throughout the lunch and was the perfect setting for people to mingle and relax between lectures. We will be holding more lunches throughout the academic year,
with the next one on Friday 8th December at 12 noon.

Awards Ceremony at the Castle

On Thursday our Vice-Principal, Janet Dixon-Dawson had the absolute pleasure of attending the Awards Ceremony for Students receiving the Vice-Chancellor's scholarship for Academic Excellence, at Durham Castle. We would like to say a huge congratualtions to our students, Xinran Wang and Zitian Song for their magnificent achievement in academic performance for the academic year 2016-2017. This is a huge honour and we are so proud of students, well done. It was a lovely event at Durham Castle and a very pleasant way to start the year.

Matriculation 2017

Once again, John Snow College students returned to the magnificent Durham Cathedral for our annual Matriculation Ceremoney. With our new college bugler signalling our arrival, the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of John Snow College processed through Durham city so that they can now officially, call themselves Durham University Students. This day marks a wonderful start to our students studies at Durham University, as well as life at John Snow College. We were immensley proud of our students on this significant day and we wish them well in their forthcoming years at college.

Every year two students from John Snow College, one Undergraduate and one Postgraduate, are chosen to sign the book on behalf of all students, to formally officiate them as Durham University students. We would like to say a big thank you to Aaron Lewis and Fenglin Ren for their part in the ceremony this year, signing the book and marking this as a special day for all involved.

John Snow Women's Crew go to Henly Regatta

The idea to send John Snow Boat Club’s first Women’s IV to Henley Women’s Regatta originated with our ex-Women’s Captain, Katherine Bulmer, who has been rowing for six years and has previous experience of rowing at Henley.The chosen crew consisted of the four rowers Nina Llewellyn (3rd year Medic), Elizabeth Manton (3rd year Pharmacist), Helen Wakefield (2nd year Medic), Ellie Anderson (2nd year Medic), with Abbie Hanson (4th year Pharmacist) as cox. Our training began at the beginning of the Easter holiday and we knew we had a lot of work to do. Henley Women’s is a highly competitive event and thus training needed to be intense. We began training individually over Easter, working on strength and fitness, with each of our crew putting in an average of six training sessions per week. This varied from cycling, weights, running and erging to name but a few. Once everyone was back at university we began the fun but challenging task of balancing three water sessions and three additional land training sessions a week with a busy exam term, with finals for Abbie, difficult exams for Ellie, Helen and Lizzie, and hospital placement for Nina. We were incredibly fortunate to forge strong links with Stephenson College Boat Club, and ex-SCBC President and experienced rower Tristan Brown took an interest in our crew and voluntarily coached most of our water sessions, preparing us for both Henley, and for the regattas we competed in along the way. He was a crucial member of our team and we cannot thank him enough for consistently pushing us to perfect our technique, and for making us work hard on the water and on the erg. In our first regatta as a crew, Tees Regatta, we managed to win the Intermediate 3 (IM3) event, with 3 members of our crew denovicing on home turf in a non-novice division in front of a very supportive QC crowd cheering us on from Infinity Bridge! This was certainly the highlight of our training period for all crew members and helped to give us a much-needed confidence boost to get us through the final month of training before Henley.

When the day arrived we were nervous, but we knew we would give it our all. We had done a lot of preparation, heading down to Henley the day before to suss out the course and check our boat over, as well as the all-important carb loading the night before. Our race started at 12:00, so we got onto the water with plenty of time to row down to the start and get into position. Once our start call was made we set off, with a good rate and an intense focus. The course distance was long and we needed to make sure we didn’t burn out too early, whilst keeping our technique strong throughout. We were concentrating so hard on maintaining our technique whilst applying maximum power that most of us can’t remember the different parts of the race, other than it was really fun but it really hurt! Abbie, our cox, was fantastic at focussing us in throughout on areas of our technique which would help us increase boat speed and she made sure to push us at all the right times. We finished the race completely exhausted but thrilled as it was the best (and fastest!) we felt we had ever rowed. We felt very privileged to have had the chance to race on such a famous stretch of water. We weren’t expecting to qualify for the next stage of racing, as our competition was strong, consisting of 21 university level crews, and only three other colleges (all from Oxford!). Nevertheless, the wait to find out whether we had qualified or not was still nerve-racking. Unfortunately, we weren’t quite fast enough to be in the top 16 teams to qualify, but we had achieved our aim of doing the time trial in less than 6 minutes (5:56.2 minutes) so we were still ecstatic. For us, our training had paid off and all of us said we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Working towards Henley Women’s Regatta has been one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. We were very proud to represent John Snow as the only Durham College competing in the event and all of us would like to thank the college for their support. Our crew hopes to compete together again, and John Snow Boat Club will certainly be looking to train crews for more competitive events in the future. See you next year Henley!

Helen Wakefield

Institute of Business Ethics Award

Congratulations to one of John Snow College's successful graduates, Harrison Hancock who recently won the Institute of Business Ethics Award for the Best Undergraduate Essay. The award ceremony was held at the Institutes Headquarters in London. Well done to Harrison.

Durham Awards

Well done to all out John Snow Students who took part in the Durham Awards this year.

Vicki Bresman, Vaibhav Singh, Miquela Bezuidenhoudt, Ceri Black, Eden Clayton, Megan Cutts, Lucky Di-Biasio, Tim Everington, James Fort, Jordan Little, Heather McCoy, Harry Morphakis, Tom Sweeney, Magenta Zampieri