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Durham University

Welcome to John Snow College

Hall of Fame

JCR Committee 2016/17

Anna Mackey (President), Jamie Brewer (Vice President), Gustavo Carvalho (Treasurer), Beth MacDougall (Female Welfare Officer), Alex Titterington (Male Welfare Officer), Will Lewington (JCR Chair), Kennedy Round (SU Officer), Charles Ingell (Sports Officer), Nikhil Sharma (Societies Officer), Calli Sharp (Promotions Officer), Skye Hope (Entertainments Officer), Matthew Dixon (Bar Events Officer), Charlotte Birch (Charities Officer), Ciara Sargent (Ball Chair).

JCR Committee 2015/16

Kenya Peters (President, Honorary Life Membership 2013 & 2016), Anna Whitmore (Vice-President), Lisa Tam (Treasurer, Honorary Life Membership), Alice Bull (Welfare Officer), Rory Barlow (JCR Chair), Kennedy Round (SU Officer), James Hudson (Sports Officer), Thomas Helm (Societies Officer), Katie Braham (Promotions Officer, Honorary Life Membership), Jessica Campbell (Ents Officer, Greatest Contribution to College Spirit), Gustavo Carvalho (Bar Events Officer, Greatest Contribution to College Welfare), Aoife NiChaoilte (Charities Officer, Honorary Life Membership), Anna Mackey (Ball Chair), Brooke-Jessica Payne (Assistant Treasurer).

JCR Committee 2014/15

Stuart Flegg (President, Honorary Life Membership), Kenya Peters (Vice-President), Mikhail Polovinkin (Treasurer, Honorary Life Membership), Ellie Loftus (Welfare Officer), James Stocker (JCR Chair), Naina Kant (SU Officer), Anna Whitmore (Sports Officer), Chessie Hatcher (Societies Officer), Alyssa Than (Promotions Officer), Petra Zillincanova (Engagement Officer), Lucy Rout (Ents Officer), Caolán Duffy (Bar Events Officer), Rachel Hughes (Charities Officer), Anna Mackey (Ball Chair), Olivia Hughes-Alderson (Assistant Treasurer).

JCR Committee 2013/14

Diana Blankson (President, Honorary Life Membership), Kate Aspey (Vice President), William Barry (Treasurer Honorary Life Membership), Becky Platten (Welfare Officer), Stuart Flegg (Chairman), Georgie Toft (Ents Officer), Rhianne Barker (Sports Officer), Samuel Beard (Students’ Union Officer), Ellie Loftus (Ball Chair), Sam Moore (Societies Officer), Francesca Howe (Charities Officer), Colinette Wang (International Officer), Mikhail Polovinkin (Assistant Ents Officer), Lucky Di Biasio (Assistant Treasurer), Lucy Ellis (Promotions Officer).

JCR Committee 2012/13

Saleenah Gafoor (President, Honorary Life Membership), Chris Yu (Vice President), Jamie Okello (Treasurer), Charlotte Vernon (Welfare Officer), Erik Stjernström (Chairman), Kenya Peters (Ents Officer, Honorary Life Membership, Greatest Contribution to College Spirit), Toby Hall (Sports Officer), Stuart Flegg (DSU Officer, Statement of Formal Thanks DSU Awards 2013), Charlotte May (Ball Chair), Diana Blankson (Cultures & Societies Officer, Greatest Contribution to Culture), Lucy Ellis (Charities Officer), Lee Goldfarb (Environmental Officer), Fikayo Akeredolu (International Officer), Will Barry (Assistant Treasurer), Charlie Harwood-Scorer (Promotions Officer), Hampus Sellmann (Freshers’ Director).#

JCR Committee 2011/12

Christopher Howard (President, Honourary Life Membership), Lizzie Williams (Vice President, Honourary Life Membership), Shawn Forstner (Treasurer), Jess Rummery (Welfare Officer, Greatest Contribution to Student Welfare), Richard Hall (Chairman), Stephanie Bland (Ents Officer), Lucy Ellwood (Sports Officer), Jasmine Rahman (Senior DSU Rep, Statement of Official Thanks DSU Awards 2012), Emma Lucy-Ryan (Ball Chair), Luke Robbins-Ross (Societies & Culture Officer), Holly McLellan (Charities Officer, Greatest Contirbution to Charity), Duart Rankin (Environmental Officer), Laura Catterson (International Officer, Greatest Contribution to Student Inclusion), Charlie Harwood-Scorer (Assistant Treasurer), Tommy Mulligan (DSU Rep), Maita Mojica (Promotions Officer), Rosie Barwick (Freshers’ Director, Greatest Contribution to College Spirit).

JCR Committee 2010/11

Benjamin Ineson (President, Honourary Life Membership), Christopher Howard (Vice President), Jennifer Swain (Welfare Officer, Greatest Contribution to Student Welfare, Honourary Life Membership), James Porter (Sports Officer), Urusla Ambrose-Simpson (Senior DSU Rep, Statement of Official Thanks DSU Awards 2011), Aisling O’Reilly (Ents Officer), Adam Birch(Chairman), Andy Shearstone (Treasurer), Jack McKie (Freshers’ Director), Grace Thorley (Ball Chair, Greatest Contribution to College Spirit), Hanil Song (International Officer), Natasha Sadler (Environmental Officer), Emma Ryan (Charities Officer, Award for Raising the College Profile), Luke Robbins-Ross (Societies & Culture Officer, Greatest Contribution to Culture), Tom Cope (Promotions Officer), Jordan Alfonso (DSU Rep), Alex Hadonou (Assistant Treasurer).

JCR Committee 2009/10

Elizabeth Glancy (President, Honourary Life Membership), Scott Mitchell (Vice President), Sonal Chohan (Welfare Officer), Hamish Barcroft (Sports Officer), Adam Birch (Senior DSU Rep, Statement of Official Thanks DSU Awards 2010), Christian Petrovic (Ents Officer), Angus Brown (Chairman), Luke Zammit (Treasurer,Greatest Contribution to JCR Governance), Nick Li (Freshers’ Director), Jon Allington (Waterside Bar Rep), Sam Sulley (Ball Chair), Anna Waechter (Vice Chair), Elli Vlachou (International Officer), Paul Slater (Environmental Officer), Ray Abdi (Charities Officer), Rose DeSouza (Societies Officer), Jess Williams (Performing Arts Officer), Chris Howard (Promotions Officer, Greatest Contribution to College Sprit), Julia Bunger (Assistant Treasurer), Andy Shearstone (DSU Rep), Trixie Lo (DSU Rep), Caspar Paulus (DSU Rep).

JCR Committee 2008/09

Leandro Martins (President, Honourary Life Membership), Thomas Cowap (Treasruer), Kurtis Bell (Vice President), Alexandra Lawton (Senior DSU Rep), Ian Hutchison (Junior DSU Rep), Stephanie Lawson (Welfare Officer, Honourary DSU Life Membership), Daniel Johnston (Ents Officer), Elizabeth Glancy (Sports Officer), Charlie Tisma (Ball Chair), Laurence Burford (Freshers’ Director), Gemma Gillie (Charities Officer), Paul Rinne (Chairman), Stephen Dunne (Environmental Officer), Amy Dupres (Societies Officer), Danielle Ze Sequiera (International Officer).

John Snow JCR Presidents

Kenya Peters – 2015/16, Stuart Flegg – 2014/15, Diana Blankson – 2013/14, Saleenah Gafoor – 2012/13, Christopher Howard – 2011/12, Benjamin Ineson – 2010/11, Elizabeth Glancy – 2009/10, Leandro Martins – 2008/09, Kate Lees – 2007/08, Deborah Ndlovu – 2006/07, David Newsome – 2005/06, Richard Downey – 2004/05, Eleanor Barry – 2003/04, Richard Crabb – 2002/03, Louise McCathie – 2001/02