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Durham University

Centre for Institutions and Political Behaviour

North-East Research Development Workshop (NERD)

The NERD is co-organised by the Centre for Institutions and Political Behavior at Durham University and School of Geography, Politics, and Sociology at Newcastle University. We meet 3-4 times during term time to discuss working papers, research projects, grant proposals, and Ph.D. dissertation chapters.

Easter Term 2019

June 10, 2-5pm, (venue: Newcastle, Politics Building G.28)

  • Kyriaki Nanou ''To Respond or Not to Respond? Economic Crisis, Public Opinion and Party Responsiveness on European Integration''
  • Nick Vivyan ''The Emergence of Stable Political Choices from Incomplete Political Preferences"

April 29, 2-5pm, (venue: Durham, EH103: Elvet Hill House)

  • Emily Rainsford ''Young and (in)-Dependent: The role of Parental Social Capital for Young European's Economic Self-Sufficiency.
  • Aris Baris ''Managing Conflict Intractability in a Multidimensional Space: Fragmented Civil Wars and UN Peacekeeping''

Epiphany Term 2019

February 25, 2-3.30, (venue: Newcastle, Politics Building G.25)

  • Gidon Cohen ''Demographic Culture Shifts? Ideology, Partisanship and Social Trends in Britain 1983-2016.''

January 21, 2-5pm, (venue: Durham, PCL050: Palatine Centre, Law School)

  • Sebastian Popa "Elite-Public Interaction on Twitter: The EU Issue in the 2014 EU Election"
  • Mona Morgan-Collins "Competing for New Votes: Mobilization of Women in the Wake of Democratization"

Michaelmas Term 2018

5th November, 14:00-17:00 (venue: Durham)

  • Patrick M Kuhn "Human vs. Machine Geocoding: A Systematic Comparison Using Afrobarometer Data"
    Sarah Liu "Gender inequality as a constraint on how women’s representation influences women’s political engagement: Evidence from Africa"

18th September, 13:00-16:00 (venue: Newcastle)

  • Maarja Luhiste "Examining Gender Differences in Candidate Retention Rates in Europe"
  • Mona Morgan-Collins "Suffrage, Turnout and the Community: How Were Early Women Voters Mobilized?"

Easter Term 2018

14th May, 15:30-17:00, Abdul Aziz Azizam (venue: Newcastle) "Calling to Protest: Evidence from Malaysia"

1st June, 15:30-17:00, Maarja Luhiste (venue: Durham) "When does Abuse and Harassment Marginalize Female Political Voices on Social Media?" (with Yannis Theocharis, Zoltan Fazekas, Sebastian Popa, and Pablo Barberá)

11th June, 15:30-17:00, Toni Rodon (venue: Durham) "The Long-Term Scares of the Spanish Civil War: The Effect of Repression on Political Behavior"

Epiphany Term 2018

22nd January, 15:30-17:00, Gidon Cohen (venue: Durham) "Depolarization and Repolarization in British Public Opinion: Ideological Change and Party Competition in Britain, 1983-2016" (with Sarah Cohen)

5th February, 15:30-17:00, Mona Morgan-Collins (venue: Newcastle) "The Political Impact of Suffrage Expansion: Evidence from Separate Ballots in Chile and Argentina" ( with Anna Callis, Dawn Langan Teele, and Guadalupe Tuñón)

19th February, 15:30-17:00, Adrian Millican (venue: Durham)

Michaelmas Term 2017

16th October, 15:30-17:00, Sebastian Popa (venue: Durham) "Informing the Public: Party and Candidate Communication Compared across Platforms" (with Zoltan Fazekas, Daniela Braun, and Melanie Leidecker-Sandmann)

30th October, 15:30-17:00, Neil Visalvanich (venue: Newcastle) "Religious Voting in 2016: Examining Christian Support and Non-Support for Trump" (with Lindsay Nielson)

13th November, 15:30-17:00, Nick Vivyan (venue: Durham) "Class Biases in Voter Evaluations of Politicians: Conjoint Analysis Evidence from Three Countries" (with Markus Wagner, Konstantin Glinitzer, and Jakob-Moritz Eberl)

27th November, 15:30-17:00, Sarah Liu (venue: Newcastle) "Learning Gender Equality: Women's Movement Influence on Youth Attitudes in a Comparative Perspective" (with Lee Ann Banszak and Neslihan Burcin Tamer)

Easter Term 2017

4th May, 15:30-17:00, Patrick M Kuhn and Nick Vivyan (venue: Durham) "The Psychology of Turnout Misreporting: A Research Design and Evidence from a Self-Integrity Experiment"

18th May, 15:30-17:00, Maarja Luhiste (venue: Newcastle) "My Baby Needs the State: Explaining Gender Differences in Attitude Change towards Welfare State" (with Diana Burlacu)

Epiphany Term 2017

14th February, 15:30-17:00, Neil Visalvanich (venue: Durham) "Education, Race, and Attitudes Towards Globalization"

28th February, 15:30-17:00, Javier Sajuria (venue: Newcastle) "Is the 'Local Candidate' Advantage a Myth? Analysing the Effects of Localism in the 2015 UK General Election". Published in Electoral Studies in 2018.

Michaelmas Term 2016

4th November, 15:30-17:00, Gidon Cohen and Sarah Cohen (venue: Durham) "Party Polarization and Citizen Ideology in Britain, 1983-2014"

18th November, 15:30-17:00, Elisabeth De Vega Alavedra (venue: Newcastle) "Are coalition governments more (or less) corrupt than single-party ones? A within-country analysis of the developed democracies"

9th December, 15:30-17:00, Emily Rainsford (venue: Durham) "Like parent like child? Intergenerational Social Capital Transmission in the UK"

Easter Term 2016

28th April, 15:30-17:00, Patrick M Kuhn and Nick Vivyan (venue: Durham) "Correcting Turnout Misreporting: An Experimental Design"

12th May, 15:30-17:00, Emily Clough (venue: Newcastle) "Local Context and Attitudes Towards Immigrants in the UK"

9th June, 15:30-17:00, Maarja Luhiste (venue: Durham) "My Baby Needs the State: Explaining Gender Differences in Attitude Change towards Welfare State" (with Diana Burlacu)

Epiphany Term 2016

28th January 16:00-17:30, Nick Vivyan (venue: Durham) "Explaining voter preferences for local legislators: Evidence from a conjoint analysis survey experiment" (with Rosie Campbell, Phil Cowley, and Markus Wagner)

11th February 15:30-17:00, Patrick M Kuhn (venue: Newcastle) "Ethnic Politics and Job Performance in the Kenyan Police 1957-1970" (with Oliver Vanden Eynde and Alexander Moradi). Forthcoming in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

25th February 15:30-17:00, Craig Johnson (venue: Newcastle) "Analysing the Electoral and Public Opinion Incentives and Obstacles to Labour-Liberal Democrat co-operation".

10th March 15:30-17:00, Neil Visalvanich (venue: Durham) "Strategic Minority Candidates: How District Compositions Shape Minority Candidate Entry" (with David M. Searle)

Michaelmas Term 2015

19th October 15:30-17:00, Neil Visalvanich (venue: Durham) "Race, Representation, and Campaign Finance Networks: The Effect of Party Support on Minority Candidates."

2nd November 16:00-17:30, Craig Johnson (venue: Durham) "Explaining the Liberal Democrat collapse at the 2015 general election" (with Aila Middleton). Published in 2016 Electoral Studies 43(3), 63-71.

16th November 15:30-17:00, Gidon Cohen and Jutta Bakonyi (venue: Newcastle) "What is the impact of community-driven governance? New evidence from Somalia"

30th November 15:30-17:00, Maarja Lühiste (venue: Durham): "Same Effort, Same Result? Exploring the Gender Differences in Campaigning and Electoral Outcomes" (with Laura Sudulich)

14th December 15:30-17:00, Patrick M Kuhn and Nick Vivyan (venue: Newcastle) "Using sensitive survey questions to improve self-reported turnout measures". Forthcoming in Public Opinion Quarterly

Easter Term 2015

28th April 15:30-17:00, Emily Rainsford (venue: Newcastle): "Differentiating political participation: Setting apart the activists"

2nd June 15:30-17:00, Gidon Cohen and Pierre-Olivier Bédard (venue: Durham): "Evaluation of Community-Driven Governance in Somalia" (with Jutta Bakonyi)

Epiphany Term 2015

20th January 15:30-17:00, Tristan Martin (venue: Newcastle): "Party Change and European Integration: What are the main drivers of the re-emergence of Europe as a major political issue for the Conservative Party since 2003?"

3rd February 15:30-17:00, Patrick M Kuhn and Pierre-Olivier Bédard (venue: Durham): "Framing and Survey Techniques for Sensitive Questions: Improving the Citizen Feedback Model (CFM) in Pakistan"

17th February 15:30-17:00, Alia Middleton (venue: Newcastle): "The good, the bad and the short-serving: retiring MPs and the conditionality of transferring a personal vote"

3rd March 15:30-17:00, Antoine Boudon (venue: Durham): "On Counter-terrorism: examining the role of socio-economic development within disengagement strategies"

Michaelmas Term 2014

7th October 15:30-17:00, Patrick M Kuhn (venue: Newcastle): "Dangerously Informed: Christian Missionaries, Information, and Pre-Electoral Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa" (with Inken von Borzyskowski)

28th October 15:30-17:00, Gidon Cohen (venue: Durham): "Bayesian Methods for Aerial Misalignment: Model Development and An Empirical Test Using Elections and the Census in Britain"

4th November 15:30-17:00, Craig Johnson (venue: Newcastle): "The financial strength of British local parties since 2010"

18th November 15:30-17:00, Pierre-Olivier Bédard (venue: Durham): "Effect size in mediation models: Computational strategies for predicted probabilities" (with Francois Gelineau)

2nd December 15:30-17:00, Nick Vivyan (venue: Newcastle): "Accountability for misconduct in multiparty electoral contests" (with Andrew Eggers and Markus Wagner). Forthcoming in the Journal of Politics.

Easter Term 2014

24th June, Nick Vivyan (venue: Durham): "Dyadic representation in the British House of Commons" (with Chris Hanretty and Ben Lauderdale). Published in 2017 Legislative Studies Quarterly 42(2): 235-267.

26th August, Emily Clough (venue: Durham): "Duverger’s Law and Information: The Role of Media Availability in the Relationship Between Electoral and Party System"