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Centre for Institutions and Political Behaviour

Current Events

CIPB Speaker Series 2017/18

Date Location Speaker Paper Title
25th January 2018, 2-4pm D/IM102 Vicky Fouka (Stanford) From Immigrants to Americans: Race, Status, and Assimilation during the Great Migration
22nd February 2018, 5:15-6:15pm D/MHL224 Chris Kam (UBC) Building Parties: Party Slates at Nineteenth-Century Parliamentary Elections in England and Wales
25th April 2018 D/IM102 Matthew C. Wilson (UWV)
30th April 2018 D/IM102 Thomas Leeper (LSE)
16th May 2018 D/IM102 Lucas Leeman (Zurich)

Details and updates will be posted here in due course.