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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

International Public Lecture Series: The Recovery of Beauty

The series will include contributions from high status national and international speakers, including five from within Durham as well as at least seven external speakers.  The series will run during Michaelmas and Epiphany Terms 2011-12.  It is envisaged that the series will be published as a collection of essays, and speakers have been asked to commit to publication.

All lectures to take place at 6.15pm in Room 201, Elvet Riverside Building 

Date Speaker Title
18 October 2011 Professor Sander Gilman "Stand up Straight": Posture, its History and the Meanings attributed to the Upright Body  
24 October 2011 Professor John Onians Beauty is in the Brain of the Beholder
7 November 2011 Dr Simon Thurley The pendulum of taste: architecture and the rise of a State aesthetic
14 November 2011 Professor Elizabeth Archibald Bathing for Beauty in the Middle Ages
28 November 2011 Professor Ruth Holliday I Love Fake Beauty
30 January 2012 Professor Jane Macnaughton Elegant Surgery: The Beauty of Clinical Expertise
6 February 2012 Professor Mark McIntosh Beautiful Ideas: the Visibility of Truth
13 February 2012 Professor Corinne Saunders Mindful Beauty: Ideas and Ideals in Medieval Literature
27 February 2012 Kathleen Jamie Poetry Reading
5 March 2012 Professor Pat Waugh Bloomsbury, beauty and after: Idealist aesthetics in materialist times
12 March 2012 Professor David Fuller Beauty, Pain and Violence: Through Lessing to King Lear
30 April 2012 Professor Roger Scruton On Beauty