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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

2017/18 Audio Recordings

Audio Only

Date Speaker or Event Title Theme/Series
17 October 2017 Professor Christian Ruby New Filtration Materials for Passive Water Treatment: dephosphatisation and denitrification Structure
24 October 2017 Professor Nicholas Aroney Between Union and Devolution: the structure of the British parliament as a problem of process Structure
06 November 2017 Dr Kathryn Yusoff Geosocial Strata Structure
07 November 2017 Professor William Thompson Music, Health and Wellbeing Structure
09 November 2017 Dr Andy Martin More is Different Structure
14 November 2017 Dr Tom Murray An Australian Experiment: 100 years in search of meaning Structure
20 November 2017 Professor Dennis Beach Capitalism, Class Inequity and Education Justice in the Nordic countries: the myth of the Nordic model Structure
28 November 2017 Professor Tiziana de Rogatis Ritual Structures, Narratives and Female Identities Structure
05 December 2017 Dr Jörg Kreienbrock What is and to what end does one study Astronoetics? Explorations of Space after the Sputnik (Arendt, Blumenberg, Levinas) Structure
22 January 2018 Dr Francesca Fulminante All Roads Lead to Rome - But Where Did They Come From? Transport networks, interaction and the emergence of cities in ancient Italy Structure
23 January 2018 Professor Sverre Raffnsøe The Human Turn: philosophical anthropology in the Anthropocene Structure
30 January 2018 Dr Pascal Nicklas The Same With a Difference: adaptation between transformation and persistence of structure Structure
01 February 2018 Professor Boris Malomed Multidimensional Solitons Structure
15 February 2018 Professor Tom Vogt Why We Seek Structure at the Atomic Level Structure
20 February 2018 Professor Vasilis Politis Plato's Radical Enquiries Structure
22 February 2018 Professor Robert Wood Stable, Dynamic and Contextual Units of Personality: an integrated perspective Structure
05 March 2018 Professor Nigel Rapport On the 'freedom' and 'liberty' to distort the human figure: the art of Stanley Spencer as case-study Structure