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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

2016/17 Audio Recordings

Audio Only

Date Speaker or Event Title Theme/Series
11 Oct 2016 Dr Richard Walsh Complexity, Scale, Story: narrative models in Will Self and Enid Blyton Scale
20 Oct 2016 Dr Thomas Servais The Earth 500 million years ago; analysing large-scale spatial and temporal palaentological questions Scale
25 Oct 2016 Dr Patrick McGivern The Multi-Scale World Scale
31 Oct 2016 Dr Julia Prest Performing the Racial Scale in the Theatre: From Colonial Saint-Domingue to Today Scale
01 Nov 2016 Prof John Steele Understanding Marduk's Cosmos: the development of astronomy in ancient Babylonia Scale
03 Nov 2016 Prof Massimo Leone Weight Problems: an enquiry into scales and justice Scale
23 Jan 2017 Prof Andres Lepik Small Scale, Big Change: the social turn in contemporary architecture The Scale of Things
24 Jan 2017 Prof Hannah Smithson Medieval and Modern Explorations of Human Colour Perception Scale
30 Jan 2017 Prof Mark Pagel FRS Species, Languages and Companies: are they getting worse at what they do? The Scale of Things
31 Jan 2017 Prof Ranga Narayanan Scaling Matters: patterns by design from patterns of the divine Scale
02 Feb 2017 Prof Sara Cousins How Does Time Since, and Magnitude of, Change Affect Plant Communities in Fragmented Landscapes? Scale
06 Feb 2017 Prof Stuart Elden FBA Towards a Political Theory of Terrain The Scale of Things
07 Feb 2017 Prof John Hall Small States, Healthy Nations: on the Political Economy of Denmark, Ireland and Switzerland Scale
09 Feb 2017 Prof Ida Susser Public Intellectuals, Grassroots Movements and the Politics of Scale Scale
13 Feb 2017 Dr Christine Sutton To the limit - adventures in distance, time and energy The Scale of Things
20 Feb 2017 Prof Mark Fricker The Third Mode of Life: information transfer in networked organisms Scale
23 Feb 2017 Prof Anna McCarthy On the Animated GIF Scale
27 Feb 2017 Prof William Sax Scales of Research: social anthropology meets epidemiology The Scale of Things
06 Mar 2017 Dr Karen Johnson Atomic to Global Scale: on your knees to manganese The Scale of Things
07 Mar 2017 Prof Jack Williams Species Responses to Changing Climates Across Time and Space: from 55 million years ago to 2100 CE Scale
13 Mar 2017 Prof Jussi Parikka Laboratory Scale: situated practices in the (digital) humanities The Scale of Things


The Scale of Things Lecture Series - 2016/17