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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

2015/16 Audio Recordings

Date Speaker or Event Title Theme/Series
13 Oct 2015 Dr Mark Sandy

'Ghostly Language': Wordsworth's ghosts and spectral subjectivity

Ghosts: the evidence of spirits
19 Oct 2015 Prof Michael Rowan-Robinson

The Interplay of Evidence and Theory in Astrophysics and Cosmology

Evidence on Trial
23 Oct 2015 Prof James E Gardner Evidence for the Largest Volcanic Eruptions from the Tiniest of Bubbles and Crystals Evidence
27 Oct 2015 Dr Jacob Stegenga Medical Nihilism Evidence
03 Nov 2015 Prof Heike Egner How can societies learn from or for catastrophes? Evidence
04 Nov 2015 Prof Carlo Vecce The Fading Evidence of Reality: Leonardo and the End Evidence
05 Nov 2015 Prof Barbara Dancygier How We Make Meaning Evidence
09 Nov 2015 Prof Nancy Cartwright Evidence-based Policy: where's the rigor when you need it? Evidence on Trial
12 Nov 2015 Prof George Williams Human Rights in an Age of Terror Evidence
19 Nov 2015 Prof Ted Gup The Death of Facts Evidence
23 Nov 2015 Prof Michael Tite Fakes, Forgeries and the Turin Shroud: the scientific evidence Evidence on Trial
30 Nov 2015 Prof Dame Julia Higgins Evidence in Experimental Science Evidence on Trial
01 Dec 2015 Prof Brian Belcher Defining and Measuring Research Quality in a Transdisciplinary Context Evidence
02 Dec 2015 Prof Penny Harvey Evidence of the Public Good: sceptical reasoning and public infrastructure projects in contemporary Peru Evidence
08 Dec 2015 Prof Simon J James Ghosts and Dickens Evidence
14 Dec 2015 Prof Robin Osborne The Evidence of Beauty: classical Greek history in and beyond text Evidence on Trial
25 Jan 2016 Dr Patricia Fara What you see Depends on How you Look: Time and Space in Scientific Imagery Evidence on Trial
02 Feb 2016 Dr Jon Hesk Deliberation, Decision-making and Evidence in Classical Greece Evidence
08 Feb 2016 Dr Sarah Harris Virtual Evidence: can a computer simulation provide proof? Evidence on Trial
11 Feb 2016 Dr David Dryden What have Restriction Enzymes Ever Done for Us? Evidence
15 Feb 2016 Prof Helen Chatterjee Culture and Health: what's the evidence? Evidence on Trial
16 Feb 2016 Prof Tim May Cities of Knowledge and the Role of Universities: evidence from practice Evidence
18 Feb 2016 Dr Matthew Eddy Rewriting Childhood: Science, Education and the Graphic Foundations of Knowledge Evidence
23 Feb 2016 Dr David Macarthur Can there be Intuitive Evidence? Evidence
25 Feb 2016 Prof John Brewer Sublime tourism, Enlightened science, and counter-revolution: three versions of Vesuvius and Pompeii in the age of Romanticism Evidence
01 Mar 2016 Prof Matthew Engelke Evidence and Enlightenment Evidence on Trial
14 Mar 2016 Prof Heather Douglas Evidence and Victim Experience in Sexual and Domestic Violence Cases: the approach of the feminist judge Evidence
15 Mar 2016 Dr Zoe Crossland The Speaking Corpse: the dead body's evidence and the forensic imaginary Evidence