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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

2014/15 Audio Recordings

Date Speaker or Event Title Theme
05 May 2015 Prof Mark Usher

Complex Systems and the Greeks: the trajectory of emergence

Thinking About Emergence
27 April 2015 Prof Lord Colin Renfew

The Emergence of Civilisation and of State Society

Thinking About Emergence
11 March 2015 Prof David Geary

The Evolution of Vulnerability

10 March 2015 Dr David Pritchard

Public Spending in Ancient Democratic Athens and Today

09 March 2015 Prof Ludmilla Jordanova

Portraiture and Emergence

Thinking About Emergence
04 March 2015 Dr Kalyan Perumalla

Desktops to Supercomputers: the wide computational spectrum in simulating emergence

23 February 2015 Dr Nick Lane

The Improbable Emergence of Complex Life

Thinking About Emergence
12 February 2015 Prof Richard Read

The Reversed Canvas in Colonial Art: the emergence of western painting and ‘Coming into Hiding’ of colonial peoples

10 February 2015 Prof Katherine Hayles

Emergent Effects in Automated Finance Trading Algorithms

09 February 2015 Prof Sir Colin Blakemore

Emergence of the Mind

Thinking About Emergence
03 February 2015 Prof Garry Marvin

Beastly Anthropology: working in human-animal worlds

29 January 2015 Dr Martin Coward

Cities, Networks and Infrastructures: the urbanisation of (in)security

27 January 2015 Prof John Heil Panpychism Emergence
20 January 2015 Prof Katherine Hayles and Prof Bernard Stiegler Digital Studies: The emergence of a paradigm for the humanities Emergence
08 December 2014 Prof David Papineau Emergent Causation and the Philosophy of Mind Thinking About Emergence
02 December 2014 Dr Stephanie Portet Intermediate Filaments Emergence
01 December 2014 Prof Ruth Mace The Cultural Evolution of Social Change: a view from evolutionary anthropology Thinking About Emergence
27 November 2014 Prof Howard Morphy The Journeys of the Djan'Kawu Sisters - Ancestral Presence in Australian Aboriginal Art Emergence
26 November 2014 Dr Andrew Baldwin Theorising Climate Change and Human Migration: affect, politics and the future-conditional Emergence
25 November 2014 Prof Tim Thornton Pathology or Difference? On the ground rules for defining mental illess Emergence
20 November 2014 Frances Morphy Unimagined Communitites: census categories and the submergence of Australian Aboriginal forms of sociality Emergence
19 November 2014 Prof Alice Hills Waiting for Tipping Points: police development in Africa Emergence
11 November 2014 Prof Peter Cane Exceptionalism in Law and Politics Emergence
6 November 2014 Prof Margaret Morrison What Characterises Emergence in Physics? Emergence
5 November 2014 Dr Val Jones Smart but Small (and Disappearing): the future of mobile health systems Emergence
3 November 2014 Prof John Barrow Simplicity and Complexity Thinking About Emergence
23 October 2014 Dr Nathan Citino Envisioning the Arab Future: modernisation in US-Arab relations, 1945-1967 Emergence