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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

2013/14 Audio Recordings

DateSpeaker or EventTitleTheme
7 October 2013 Professor Stephen Gaukroger How Representation Became a Problem: The Rise of an Optics of Vision in the Seventeenth Century The Light Year
21 October 2013 Professor Sir Arnold Wolfendale Gamma Rays: The End of the Rainbow, and Beyond The Light Year
24 October 2013 Professor Tom Mole Scott in Stone, Byron in Bronze: Statues, Photographs and Poets in the British Pantheon Light
4 November 2013 Linda France Breathing Light: the Poetry of Plants Light
12 November 2013 Professor Glenn Brock Fossil Treasures from the Cambrian of Gondwana: Shedding Light on Early Animal Evolution Light
18 November 2013 Professor Tom McLeish The Science-Theology of Why Light Matters: from Medieval to Modern The Light Year
25 November 2013 Professor Carlos Frenk From Darkness to Light: Everything from Nothing The Light Year
28 November 2013 Dr Angharad Closs Stephens The Persistence of Nationalism: from Imagined Communities to Urban Encounters Light
2 December 2013 Dr Robert Fosbury Hubble in Orbit: the Third Decade Light
27 January 2014 Professor Brad Tebo In the Absence of Light: The Rock Bottom of the Food Chain Light
4 February 2014 Professor Peter Adey The Levitators: Trespassing the Air Light
11 February 2014 Dr Ulisses Barres de Almeida From Light to Light: a Journey in Observational Astronomy, to the Limits of Knowledge Light
17 February 2014 Dr Philip Ball Invisibility: a Cultural History The Light Year
18 February 2014 Professor Jan Clarke Stage Lighting as Spectacle in Seventeenth-Century France Light
24 February 2014 Professor Sven Dupré Understanding Celestial Light through Precious Stones: From the Jeweller's Culture of Optics to Natural Philosophy The Light Year
25 February 2014 Professor Peter Gratton The Light of Transcendence and the Vicissitudes of Time Light
4 March 2014 Lesley Chamberlain Turning Away from the Light: Why Reject the Enlightenment Light
6 March 2014 Dr Norman Kleiman Through the Eyes of Astronauts, Cardiologist and Mice-What the eye lens can tell us about radiation exposure and radio sensitivity Light
13 March 2014 Dr Tim Edensor The Potentialities of Light Festivals Light
17 March 2014 Professor Ernest Freeberg The Light Bulb’s Many Inventors: Creating a Culture of Artificial Light, 1870 to 1920 The Light Year
18 March 2014 Julie Westerman Unfamiliar Light Light