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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

2012/13 Audio Recordings

Time in conversation with Dr David Martin-Jones

Time in conversation with Dr David Martin-Jones

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Time a conversation with Dr Simon Prosser

Time a conversation with Dr Simon Prosser

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DateSpeaker or EventTitleTheme
18 October 2012 Professor Péter Érdi Looking into the past - predicting the future Time
22 October 2012 Professor Andy Wood 'Popular concepts of time and place in Tudor and Stuart England' Time
25 October 2012 Professor Alia Al-Saji The Power of Hesitation: Bergson, Merleau-Ponty, and seeing differently Time
6 November 2012 Professor Udo Will Rhythm, time experience and the body: Re-thinking musical time Time
20 November 2012 Dr Simon Prosser Does Time Really Pass Time
26 November 2012 Professor Robert Levine A Geography of Time Time
3 December 2012 Sir Arnold Wolfendale Navigation, Astronomy and Time-Keeping About Time
10 December 2012 Mr Alex Nelson The Wrong Kind of Time About Time
25 January 2013 Professor Robert de Mello Koch Spacetime from Quantum Mechanics Time
28 January 2013 Dr Kristen Lippincott

What time was it? A closer look at time-telling conventions from antiquity to the 21st century

Lecture and Slides

About Time
29 January 2013 Professor Robert Hannah From Here to the Hereafter: genesis and apogenesis in Roman Art and Architecture Time
26 February 2013 Professor Liping Zhou Aeolian dust records in Asia as an archive of long-term climate change Time
28 February 2013 Dr Mary Manjikian Emergency Time, crisis and the Role of the State: Reflections on the Past, Present and the Future Time
5 March 2013 Professor Jerry Moore Constructing Time in South American Prehistory Time
7 March 2013 Dr Jonathan Ben-Dov Time, Language and Prophecy in the Dead Sea Scrolls Time
23 April 2013 Professor Kimberly Hutchings Cosmopolitan Times About Time
1 May 2013 Professor Lynn Bothelo Keeping Time at Bay: old age, medicine and money in early modern England About Time