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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

2011/12 Audio Recordings

Date  Speaker or EventTitle  Theme
18 Ocotober 2011 Professor Sander Gilman "Stand Up Straight": Posture, its History and the Meanings attributed to the Upright Body Futures II/Recovery of Beauty
19 October 2011 Professor Marius Romme and Dr Sandra Escher Accepting and Making Sense of Voices Futures II
20 October 2011 Dr Fabio Zampieri From Constitutional Medicine (1880-1940) to Evolutionary Medicine (1940-2010) Futures II
1 November 2011 Dr Bronislaw Szerszynski Can the Environmental Crisis save Captialism? Futures II
7 November 2011 Dr Simon Thurley The pendulum of taste: architecture and the rise of a State aesthetic Recovery of Beauty
14 November 2011 Professor Elizabeth Archibald Bathing for Beauty in the Middle Ages Futures II
15 November 2011 Mr Meredith Lloyd-Evans Algal biofuels - fact and fantasy Futures II
22 November 2011 Professor Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly Understanding Borders and Borderlands Futures II
28 November 2011 Professor Ruth Holliday I Love Fake Beauty Recovery of Beauty
1 December 2011 Professor Kevin Flynn Energy from microalgae: biofuels dream or environmental nightmare? Futures II
17 January 2012 Professor Patricia Harvey

Biofuels - Where Do We Go From Here?

Futures II
30 January 2012 Professor Jane Macnaughton Elegant Surgery: The Beauty of Clinical Expertise Recovery of Beauty
31 January 2012 Dr Simon James Ugly Meanings in Beautiful Things: Reading and Desire in Fin-de-Siècle Fiction Persistence of Beauty
9 February 2012 Professor Ann Banfield Samuel Beckett and the Mother Tongue - Lecture Recording Futures II
13 February 2012 Professor Corinne Saunders Mindful Beauty: Ideas and Ideals in Medieval Literature Recovery of Beauty
14 February 2012 Professor Elizabeth Edwards Placing the Past: Photographic Survey and Popular History 1885-1918 Futures II
14 February 2012 Dr Mark Sandy 'Enigmatical Beauty of Each Beautiful Enigma': The Persistent Poetics of Beauty and Death in Walt Whitman and Wallace Stevens Persistence of Beauty
21 February 2012 Dr Tony Sharpe W. H. Auden: The Loveliness that Is the Case Persistence of Beauty
28 February 2012 Professor Angela Leighton Something, is it? On Frost, Bishop and Others Persistence of Beauty
29 February 2012 Professor Sarah Green Money Frontiers: The Relative Location of Euros, Turkish Lira and Gold Sovereigns in the Aegean Futures II
5 March 2012 Professor Pat Waugh Bloomsbury, beauty and after: Idealist aesthetics in materialist times Recovery of Beauty
9 March 2012 Professor Pier Paolo Saviotti How We Became Rich: From Necessities to Diversity and Imaginery Worlds Futures II
12 March 2012 Professor David Fuller Beauty, Pain and Violence: Through Lessing to King Lear Recovery of Beauty
13 March 2012 Professor Michael O'Neill The Difficulty of Beauty: Hopkins, Yeats, Crane, Spender Persistence of Beauty
14 March 2012 Professor Lev Tarasov Grappling with Uncertainty: Probing Our Glacial Past and Warm Musings on Science in Society Futures II
1 May 2012 Professor Roger Scruton On Beauty Recovery of Beauty
15 May 2012 Professor Lynnette Sievert Why men DON'T have a menopause Futures II