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To extend the reach of IAS activities beyond those who are able to attend on the day, the IAS records many of its public lecture events, as well as other select workshops and seminars which have broad appeal. We are in the early stages of developing our collection of video recordings, however we do have a substantial record of audio recordings. We hope that over time this collection will grow and become a valuable resource for many different audiences. Copyright of these recordings remains with the individual speakers.

Audio Recordings from 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16; 2016/17, 2017/18, and 2018/19 can be found by following the links on the left. The current year 2019/20 can be found below.

Video footage of some lectures are also captured below. Recordings of Fellows' public lectures are available below by Fellowship years as well as on their specific profiles pages see:

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Date Speaker or Event Title Theme/Series
15 October 2019 Professor Andrea Halpern Music in the Mind and the Brain 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
17 October 2019 Dr Sean McMahon How to find a fossil on Mars 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
22 October 2019 Professor Jing-Bao Nie From Eugenics to Human Gene Editing: Ideology and Engineering Life in China in a Global Context 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
12 November 2019 Dr Elshan Abdullayev Origin of clay minerals and their perspectives 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
19 November 2019 Professor Lia Bryant Farmer Suicides: The subject enmeshed in political and moral economies, emotions and ordinary ethics 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
26 November 2019 Professor Hailiang Dong Clay Minerals as Antibacterial Agents: Mechanisms and Applications 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
27 November 2019 Professor Janet Hoek Transitions to vaping in the land of the long white cloud 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
21 January 2020 Dr Anna Jones Extreme Floods: evidence in the landscape 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
3 February 2020 Profesor Torben Jensen Participatory Data Design: acting in a digital world 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
10 February 2020 Professor Nelson Padilla New Light on the Nature of Dark Matter After the Recent First Detections of Gravitational Waves 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
12 February 2020 Dr Suzie Protiere The Science and Art of Fibres 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
19 February 2020 Professor Wilson Poon The Most Beautiful Book in Scotland: regime change reformation and rebellion on parchment 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
26 February 2020 Alexandra Carr Natural Phenomena as Media: challenging perception and experience through multimedia artworks 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series
9 March 2020 Dr Laura Forlano Improbable Futures: automation and imagination 2019/20 Fellows' public lecture series

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Other Lectures and Events

Institute of Advanced Study

Scales of Governance; how we rule ourselves and each other - IAS Annual London Event 2017

Views: 162

This panel event, Scales of Governance: how we rule ourselves and each other, was organised by Durham University and explored the topic of governance. The panel consisted of Professor Dame Sandra Dawson, social scientist and leading expert in management studies; political scientist and specialist in global governance, Professor Kristine Kern, and Dr Ulrike Guérot, Founder and Director of the European Democracy Lab. This distinguished panel, representing a range of areas of expertise, complements the interdisciplinary research done on the theme of Scale this year at Durham’s renowned Institute of Advanced Study.

Structure and Quality of Life, IAS Annual London Debate 2018

Views: 272

Durham University visits London to explore the concept of Quality of Life Quality of Life has become a hot political topic, but what exactly is it? And can it be measured? These questions, and others, were explored and debated at this event, which took place at the Chartered Accountant’s Hall, One Moorgate Place, London, on Thursday, 24 May 2018. Organised by Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), the event drew upon the Institute’s ‘Structure’ theme f