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Institute of Advanced Study

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

New edited volume by former IAS Fellow Barbara Risman

With fellow editors Carissa Froyum and William J Scarborough, The Handbook of the Sociology of Gender (2018, Springer) provides a comprehensive view of the field of the sociology of gender. It presents the most important theories about gender and methods used to study gender, as well as extensive coverage of the latest research on gender in the most important areas of social life, including gendered bodies, sexuality, carework, paid labor, social movements, incarceration, migration, gendered violence, and others.


(9 Jul 2018)

Recent books from former IAS Fellows

The IAS is delighted to highlight a number of recent book publications from several of its recent former Fellows which were developed and/or written during their stay in Durham.

Images courtesy of: Oxford University Press; Wiley Blackwell; Policy Press; Reaktion Books.

(25 Jun 2018)

New edited volume stemming for the IAS 2013/14 theme of Light - 'From the Lighthouse: interdisciplinary reflections on light'

What is a lighthouse? What does it mean? What does it do? This book shows how exchanging knowledge across disciplinary boundaries can transform our thinking. 

Adopting an unconventional structure, this book involves the reader in a multivocal conversation between scholars, poets and artists. Seen through their individual perspectives, lighthouses appear as signals of safety, beacons of enlightenment, phallic territorial markers, and memorials of historical relationships with the sea. However, the interdisciplinary conversation also reveals underlying and sometimes unexpected connections. It elucidates the human and non-human evolutionary adaptations that use light for signalling and warning; the visual languages created by regularity and synchronicity in pulses of light; how lighthouses have generated a whole ‘family’ of related material objects and technologies; and the way that light flows between social and material worlds.

(2 May 2018)

Dante. Hell, Heaven and Hope: A Journey through Life and the Afterlife with Dante

Durham's Dr Annalisa Cipollone publishes Dante. Hell, Heaven and Hope: A Journey through Life and the Afterlife with Dante (Durham, IAS, 2017) .

The volume has been envisioned as a way of accessing Dante’s oeuvre via a number of broad key-themes selected from his work: justice, displacement, the importance and consequences of personal choice, the position of human beings in the universe, love, and ultimately hope. This is followed by eleven sections, variously devoted to introduce cognate aspects of Dante’s work and fame and arranged to offer a guide to his enduring legacy, as well as to the exhibition at Palace Green Library, Durham, of rare manuscripts, printed books and artwork mostly from the renowned collection of Livio Ambrogio, open until 18 March 2018.

The items on display, illustrated in the volume, range from fourteenth-century manuscripts and early modern editions of the Divine Comedy (one of which with engravings after drawings by Botticelli) to copies of the poem formerly belonging to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and T. S. Eliot. The selection also includes autograph originals by Alexandre Dumas père, Jorge Luis Borges, and by director, actor and Academy Award winner Roberto Benigni.

The volume includes a foreword by Richard Gameson, essays by Giles Gasper, Michael O’Neill, Nicola Gardini and Jason Harding, and Dante-inspired translations and lyrics by Michael O’Neill. 

(14 Feb 2018)

What the Victorians Made of Romanticism - New Book by Former IAS Fellow Tom Mole

Dr Tom Mole, an IAS Fellow during the 2013/14 Light year, examines how the popular media of the Victorian era sustained and transformed the reputations of Romantic writers. He provides a new reception history of Lord Byron, Felicia Hemans, Sir Walter Scott, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and William Wordsworth—one that moves beyond the punctual historicism of much recent criticism and the narrow horizons of previous reception histories. Tom attends instead to the material artifacts and cultural practices that remediated Romantic writers and their works amid shifting understandings of history, memory, and media.

For further information see Princeton University Press.

Image courtesy of Princeton University Press.

(14 Feb 2018)

Levitation: The Science, Myth and Magic of Suspension - New Book by Former IAS Fellow Peter Adey

Former IAS Light Fellow (2013/14) Professor Peter Adey explores the idea of levitation within cultural, scientific and spiritual lives. From science to illustration, poetry, philosophy, law, technology and a wider popular, spiritual and visual imagin­ation, Levitation casts the levitator as a far more vulnerable figure than we may have thought.

For further information see the Reaktion Books.

(14 Jul 2017)

'Unthought: The Power of the Cognitive Nonconscious' - new book by Professor N. Katherine Hayles (former IAS Fellow)

Former IAS (Emergence) Fellow, Professor N. Katherine Hayles has recently published her latest book 'Unthought: The Power of the Cognitive Nonconscious' (University of Chicago Press).

Professor Hayles is known for breaking new ground at the intersection of the sciences and the humanities. In Unthought, she once again bridges disciplines by revealing how we think without thinking—how we use cognitive processes that are inaccessible to consciousness yet necessary for it to function.

For further information see the University of Chicago Press.

(6 Jun 2017)

Reading the Flowers: a new poetry collection by former IAS Fellow Linda France

Reading the Flowers
began during Linda France's 2010/11 Leverhulme Residency at Moorbank, Newcastle University's Botanic Garden and led to a tour of Botanic Gardens across the UK, Europe and Australasia including: Italy, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kew, Benmore, Dawyck, Sheffield, Linn and Durham Botanic, as well as culminiating in her visiting IAS Fellowship during 2013/14. 

Nature and culture meet in this collection of Linda's poems looking at flowers cultivated and wild, trees in the garden and the rainforest, plants and creatures that live alongside them under the microscope of memory and imagination.

(28 Apr 2017)

From Light to Dark: new book from former IAS Fellow Dr Tim Edensor

Dr Tim Edensor (Manchester Metropolitan University) was an IAS Fellow during the IAS theme of Light in 2013/14. His latest book published by Minnesota University Press,  From Light to Dark, analyzes a vast array of artistic interventions, diverse spaces, and lighting technologies to explore these most basic human experiences.

Light pervades the world, and when it is not light, darkness emerges and is combated by electric illumination. Despite this globally shared human experience in which spaces appear radically different depending on time, season, and weather, social science investigation on the subject is meager. From Light to Dark fills this gap, focusing on our interaction with daylight, illumination, and darkness.

Tim Edensor begins by examining the effects of daylight on our perception of landscape, drawing on artworks, particular landscapes, and architectural practice. He then considers the ways in which illumination is often contested and can be used to express power, looking at how capitalist, class, ethnic, military, and state power use lighting to reinforce their authority over space. Edensor also considers light artists such as Olafur Eliasson and festivals of illumination before turning a critical eye to the supposedly dangerous, sinister associations of darkness. In examining the modern city as a space of fantasy through electric illumination, he studies how we are seeking--and should seek--new forms of darkness in reaction to the perpetual glow of urban lighting.


(26 Apr 2017)

Professor John Steele (former IAS Fellow) publishes new book 'Rising Time Schemes in Babylonian Astronomy'

Professor John Steele's latest book published by Springer (2017) argues for a new understanding of the role of schematic astronomy within Babylonian scientific thought and presents new translations of Babylonian astronomical cuneiform texts. 

Entitled 'Rising Time Schemes in Babylonian Astronomy', Professor John Steele examines an approach from ancient astronomy to what was then a particularly important question, namely that of understanding the relationship between the position in the ecliptic and the time it takes for a fixed-length of the ecliptic beginning at that point to rise above the eastern horizon. Schemes known as “rising time schemes” were used to give lengths of the celestial equator corresponding to each of the twelve zodiacal signs which make up the ecliptic. This book investigates the earliest known examples of these schemes which come from Babylonia and date to the mid to late first millennium BC. Making an important contribution to our knowledge of astronomy in the ancient world, this volume includes editions and translations of all of the known Babylonian rising time texts, including several texts that are identified for the first time. Through a close examination of the preserved texts it has been possible to reconstruct the complete Babylonian rising time scheme. This reconstruction is unprecedented in its completeness, and it is also now possible to situate the scheme within a genre of Babylonian astronomy known as schematic astronomy which presents theoretical descriptions of the astronomical phenomena. 

The unique discoveries and fresh explorations in this book will be of interest to historians of ancient astronomy, scholars of Babylonian history and those investigating the origins of scientific thought.


(26 Apr 2017)

Insights Volumes 8 and 9 now published

Two new volumes of the Institute of Advanced Study's E-journal 'Insights' have been published. Each volume (No: 8 and 9) includes several contributions on the themes of Emergence (2014/15) and Evidence (2015/16). 
'Insights' contains the contributions from visiting Fellows to the Institute and captures the cutting-edge research hosted at Durham each year. Every fellow writes for this exciting series and the result is a unique collection of thought experiments, innovative research findings, theoretical statements, original reviews, and occasionally more fully worked treatises.

Review Volume 8 and Volume 9 in further detail.

(16 Feb 2017)

IAS Evidence Fellow Professor Heather Douglas publishes latest article

An article developed by former IAS Fellow Professor Heather Douglas (T.C Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland) during her Fellowship at the IAS has been published.

Douglas, Heather (2016), 'Sexual violence, domestic abuse and the feminist judge', Journal of International and Comparative Law, 3(2), pp. 317-343.

(4 Nov 2016)

Former IAS Fellow Professor George Willams publishes article with Durham Law scholar.

Williams, A & Williams, G. (2016). ‘The British Bill of Rights Debate: lessons from Australia’, Public Law 2016, pp.471-490.

(21 Jun 2016)