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Institute of Advanced Study

Durham Alumni supporting the very best research at Durham

(21 October 2008)

Graham Baker presenting cheque to IAS Directors

The IAS has recently received a cheque for £15,000 from Durham University Society–association for Durham Alumni (DUSADA). This generous donation, raised by DUSADA during 2007/08 from a range of events, will help underpin the Institute's Fellowship scheme over the next 3-4 years.

DUSADA sees its commitment to the IAS as a way of supporting Durham University as a whole:

“The IAS is a showcase for the world class research that is carried out here in Durham; its success testifies to the increasing high profile of the University in the international community. The IAS highlights the very best of Durham: the collegiate system; the core disciplines; the historic city with its UNESCO world heritage site; and the thriving postgraduate community.” Stephen Gardner, DUSADA Chairman

The Institute is immensely grateful to DUSADA and the individuals it represents for supporting the aims and ambitions of the IAS. As one of only a handful of comparable institutions across the world that is in a position to promote dialogue across all disciplines, investment in the Durham IAS is crucial for supporting the world class research that Durham University is able to boast.

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