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Institute of Advanced Study

Climate Change Experts Drawn to North-East

(11 January 2008)

Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study is inviting some of the leading academics on climate change to come and discuss their research at lectures organised specifically for the North-East public. The lectures, taking place in Durham over the next three months, will cover a range of issues concerning the climate change debate, including a lecture by Harvard Professor Sheila Jasanoff, which will demonstrate how popular images used to convey messages about climate change to the wider public in fact display the tensions and contradictions that exist within this controversial subject

Other topics include:

• an introduction to the basics of modelling the climate system and how this has developed from very simple beginnings 40 years ago to being a vital tool for understanding and detecting climate change;
• an analysis of the how a lack of data and a high degree of uncertainty about past and future climates are the major problems in planning for and predicting future climate change;
• how by reducing uncertainty in our measurements, with specific reference to climate-driven sea-level change, we can better identify the causes of climate change and make more reliable predictions about the future;

This topical series of public lectures is intended to bring about a greater understanding of this complex issue and to give members of the public the opportunity to ask questions of leaders in this field about the realities of climate change.

For further information please consult the Events Listing page on the IAS website