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Institute of Advanced Study

The Institute of Advanced Study welcomes its Epiphany Term Fellows

(4 January 2016)

The Institute of Advanced Study is delighted to welcome its second cohort of Fellows connected with its 2015/16 Evidence year. This term’s visiting Fellows include: renowned historian Professor John Brewer from the California Institute for Technology whose research interests focus on issues of value in the visual-art world and questions of travel, tourism, identity, and place; philosopher Professor Jessica Brown from the University of St Andrews who works on a wide range of topics within philosophy of mind, epistemology, and the methodology of philosophy; Professor Tim May from the University of Salford who researches issues relating to knowledge, governance and policy-making; Dr Zoë Crossland an anthropologist from Columbia University who focuses on the historical archaeology of Madagascar, as well as forensic archaeology and evidential practices around human remains; Professor Heather Douglas from the University of Queensland whose research focus is broadly in the criminal justice field, with particular interests in the relationship between Indigenous people and the criminal law; and Dr David Dryden from Edinburgh University, a leading authority on the molecular biology of the DNA restriction and modification (RM) enzymes of prokaryotes. See further details about all this term's visiting Fellows.

Whilst at Durham, the Fellows will be engaging and collaborating with Durham colleagues on a number of different interdisciplinary Durham-led projects connected to the IAS’s annual theme, Evidence, and delivering seminars and public lectures, as well as engaging with their College. Further details of all the programmes of work being taken forward during 2015/16 and details of this term’s IAS Fellows and how to contact them can be found by visiting the IAS website.