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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Genetic Wars: The Future in Eurasianist Fiction of Aleksandr Prokhanov


Neo-Eurasianism is Russia's new dangerous ideology. It is driven by a group of influential intellectuals and award-winning writers, and has a web-based newspaper ‘Zavtra' (‘Tomorrow'). This paper examines the discourse of futurity in the work of the best-selling author and editor in chief of ‘Zavtra,' Aleksandr Prokhanov. It explores themes of futurity in his novels and newspaper essays, with special focus on imagining the future as a struggle for the genetic survival of Russian people. It shows convergence of cosmism and resurrection paradigm in this brand of discourse. It explores the relationship between time and space and adopts Jameson's rhetoric of ‘archaeologies of the future' to this culture-specific material. The future turns out to be proleptic, aimed at understanding the present by projecting into an imaginary future through exploring the past. The notion of spatiality is twofold - geopolitical and galactic. The blended notion of space/place constitutes the core of the quasieschatological futurity of Prokhanov's project.

Insights Paper